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Facebook Ads – App Store Installs Directly Within Facebook

Yesterday Facebook made use of a new Apple iOS 6 feature and made App Store installs a whole lot easier.  Facebook introduced mobile app install ads in October and we’ve already seen two major changes to the ads since their … Continue reading

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What’s on my Facebook Ads Wish List? An External Ad Network!

Facebook Ads have been around for quite some time but until recently, few people have taken them too seriously. Even just this year GM made quite the buzz when they pulled their entire $10 million Facebook Ads budget just before … Continue reading

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Is your SEO Company Getting Coal for Christmas?

While most in the SEO industry are hashing it out over all the doom and gloom related to the latest penguin attack and panda sighting, I thought I’d offer an alternate view on the state of search engine optimization… it … Continue reading

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Facebook Mobile Ads – A Big Opportunity Just Got BIGGER

As many of you know, mobile advertising is cheap. Really cheap. With so many new apps and mobile web traffic rising daily, ad inventory (supply) is exceeding demand. This makes mobile a great opportunity for advertisers. Now combine the low … Continue reading

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