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Hark! The Mobile Web Will Sing!

How many times a day do you hear a cell phone ring? Mobile devices are no longer our future, they are our present, ingrained in almost every facet of our lives, and getting more important every day. There are thousands … Continue reading

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All I want for Christmas is Higher Conversion Rates: How to Create Amazing Tablet Experiences for your E-commerce Store

According to a report published by Monetate, visitors to e-commerce sites through tablet devices skyrocketed by over 346% in 2011. This should not be a surprise for anyone who has had the chance to play with one of these devices.  The … Continue reading

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7 Design Tips to Boost Conversions

When it comes to doing business online, conversion is king – we want to turn our visitors into customers. A conversion occurs when a website visitor takes an action such as signing up for a newsletter, requesting more information, or … Continue reading

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Facebook Friday

Tomorrow Facebook goes public. At $38 per share, Facebook’s valuation is over $100 billion and is set to be the largest tech IPO in US history. Initially, many experts anticipate Facebook’s market cap to skyrocket, allowing for substantial short-term investor … Continue reading

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The Lean Blog Post

Every year there seems to be a few buzzwords that are echoed throughout the marketing community. Last year, words like freemium, green, socialsphere, and actionable dominated entrepreneurial and executive conversations. This year, I’ve noticed a trend toward trimming the fat. … Continue reading

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The Art and Science of Pitchology

Have you ever marveled at how presenters such as Guy Kawasaki and Larry Lessig are able to pitch business ideas so effectively in just a few minutes? What is it that makes their presentations so moving? How are they able … Continue reading

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eBoost PPC Case Study: A Substantial Uptick for TicketKick

Situation®, a legal e-service company developed in 2010, had pioneered a cost-effective, simple way for drivers to contest their traffic tickets in California, but was struggling to get its message out to the masses. They were running a Google … Continue reading

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SDG&E Social Technical Terrorism Responsible for South-West Blackouts

Millions were left powerless after yesterday afternoon’s unexpected blackouts, which plagued much of the south-west United States. With the catastrophe occurring so close to 9/11, many speculate that international terrorism is brewing and that the United States should again increase … Continue reading

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Creativity Underlies It All

I just listened to a podcast featuring BCG’s Luc de Brabandere called “Taking a Creative Approach to Innovation” and I encourage you to listen and internalize his provocations as well.  In the interim, I’m short on time since we have … Continue reading

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Developing a Sound Marketing Approach

In our most recent eBoost Consulting webinar, I identified the false positives of case studies. Since then, I’ve had a few questions about this viewpoint and I wanted to address it here. Essentially, it centers on our belief that the best … Continue reading

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