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5 Awesome Google Analytics Tips & Tricks

I love Google Analytics, I really do.  The only issue I have is that some of the information I want is not always easily obtained.  Say you add some external links to your site, wouldn’t it be nice to see … Continue reading

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The Home Page Diagnostic Test

Designing a home page often reminds me of my wife’s favorite television show, “Income Property” on HGTV.  Each homeowner is looking to renovate their basement with the hope of eventually renting it out and making some money off of it.  … Continue reading

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The road to a Strategic Marketing Plan

I once read that the difference between a weekend fisherman and a professional fisherman is that the professional fisherman writes down things like the date, water temperature, time, size of fish, the exact spot where he dropped the line, the … Continue reading

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Know Your Customer

It’s no secret that the customer is the basis of all marketing and business strategy. A corporation’s largest concern should be understanding the customer’s needs, wants, and demands because in the long run, a company that is genuinely interested in … Continue reading

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