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Developing a Sound Marketing Approach

In our most recent eBoost Consulting webinar, I identified the false positives of case studies. Since then, I’ve had a few questions about this viewpoint and I wanted to address it here. Essentially, it centers on our belief that the best … Continue reading

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eBoost Interns ROCK!

A Video-Retrospective of the eBoost Interns Social Recruiting. Our latest internship class (Alpha Lambda Omega) is graduating soon and published their class video.  It’s fascinating to see what our intern classes come up with – there are no guidelines presented … Continue reading

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Using Tumblr to Promote Blog Content

A Useful ‘Push’ Tool for Your Marketing Arsenal I love food blogs and a great marketing application I’ve been seeing lately is the use of Tumblr to promote blog content.  The Wannabe Chef has a very useful post about the … Continue reading

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The Rich Uncle

15 Minutes to Better Branding Digital branding is one of the highest demand strategic consulting items for us this year.  My observation is that this is due to one reason: the economic situation of the past two years caused companies … Continue reading

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A Campaign Greater Than Us

Jason and I caught a billboard yesterday on Clairemont Dr. that was so wonderfully executed, I had to drive back and take a picture. The campaign is for Greater Than AIDS – a new movement that responds to the AIDS … Continue reading

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Informed Freestyling

Marketing Epiphany from a 50 year old Thai. One of my life’s passion is muay thai and this past weekend, I got to train with the Micha Mikailian of the sport, Saekson Janjira. Out of many takeaways, the one that resonated the … Continue reading

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Marketing Decathlon

Q: Can you describe to the average client how challenging cross-functionality at eBoost Consulting is? Cross-functionality is one of the main differentiators of eBoost Consulting.  As I’ve mentioned many times in the past, elite results come from elite execution.  Elite … Continue reading

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Catch Me If You Can

Putting Location Based Promotions in your Retail Experience. Time, space, and place.  Thanks to GPS technology and the advancement of mobile applications, retailers can now pinpoint the timing of promotions, capture consumers in the right space, and place promotions at their consumers’ … Continue reading

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The Secret to Advocacy Marketing

Robust advocacy-marketing programs are achieving significant revenue gains – 10 to 20 percent for established products and up to 100 percent for new products. Advocacy marketing is a new(er) term in marketing paved by rise of social media, mobile commerce, … Continue reading

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