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The Lean Blog Post

Every year there seems to be a few buzzwords that are echoed throughout the marketing community. Last year, words like freemium, green, socialsphere, and actionable dominated entrepreneurial and executive conversations. This year, I’ve noticed a trend toward trimming the fat. … Continue reading

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The Art and Science of Pitchology

Have you ever marveled at how presenters such as Guy Kawasaki and Larry Lessig are able to pitch business ideas so effectively in just a few minutes? What is it that makes their presentations so moving? How are they able … Continue reading

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Seven Sizzling Digital Marketing Trends of 2012

The World Wide Web is the most viral epidemic. Tools and technologies are growing faster than Pinocchio’s nose. Marketers are on the hunt for increased conversions while users desire enhanced engagement. So how do we plant two trees with one … Continue reading

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