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Facebook Mobile Ads – A Big Opportunity Just Got BIGGER

As many of you know, mobile advertising is cheap. Really cheap. With so many new apps and mobile web traffic rising daily, ad inventory (supply) is exceeding demand. This makes mobile a great opportunity for advertisers. Now combine the low … Continue reading

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Mobile User A.D.D. and Why Tiered Personas Matter

Fifty percent of Americans own and use a smart phone. Twenty two percent of Americans own a tablet. You can’t go a day without encountering hundreds of mobile devices. (Try it. It’s impossible unless you live in a cave.) The … Continue reading

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Think Outside the Bulb

Phillips just launched app-controlled colored light bulbs and it got me thinking about the impact of technology on commodity products. It led me to chew on “What if…” scenarios about toilet paper, my water and paper consumption, greeting cards, and pens. This post is a perfect lighthearted read to move your mind into a creative space. Continue reading

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Dirty Dozen of Effective Communication

Communicating effectively can transform a surface level relationship into a partnership that produces results you can’t even imagine. In this blog post I review the 12 most often used road blocks in communication. In the past month I’ve watched my communications and removed these roadblocks from my vocabulary to see astounding positive effects on my relationships with clients, teammates, vendors, and partners. I encourage everyone to take on noticing when they’re using the Dirty Dozen to transform their conversations. Continue reading

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