Conversion Design Case Study

Home of Décor


One of the first in the home decorating products category, Home of Decor's marketing communications needed consistency and its organizational team needed to be on the same page. Its website was outdated and not reflective of the company brand. Customers were turning away in droves as evidenced by high bounce rates and low conversion rates throughout the website.

The Old Design:


As one of the first big players in its industry, Home of Décor relied on its “first-place” for much too long and its value paid the price. With brand equity decreasing, all critical business functions were misaligned with the cost-conscious consumer when its business model depended on communicating its value.

eBoost Solution

  • eBoost Consulting interviewed key Home of Décor stakeholders to receive customer insights that would help formulate the customer-centric business strategy. The end result was a comprehensive, balanced marketing portfolio of Conversion Design, PPC marketing, Email marketing, and Search Engine Optimization.
  • eBoost Consulting went through the entire Conversion Design process with Home of Décor creating Personas, Plausible Use Case Scenarios and Wireframes.
  • The Personas:

  • eBoost Consulting’s partner agency utilized these data points to redesign the site to focus on the value of Home of Décor’s brand and diverse product line.

The New Design:

The Results

Home of Décor has seen a 104.32% increase in conversion rates over the past year. Conversion rates doubled despite the impact of a declining economy that claimed many of Home of Decor's competitors. With the economy showing signs of improvement, Home of Decor is regaining previously lost market share and is in position to thrive into the future against a newly thinned-out competitive landscape.

Next Steps

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