How This Title Made Us $1,000,000

Jen Morris, Associate Consultant, eBoost Consulting

How This Title Made Us $1,000,000

What takes less than a day and can increase revenues ten-fold? Conversion rate optimization (CRO), the process of creating an experience for your website visitors with the goal of increasing the percentage of those visitors that convert into customers. Every website owner should without a doubt engage in ongoing CRO. With your website as a key part of your marketing strategy, systematically refining your website can result in your very own $1,000,000 title.

In this webinar we will look at CRO framework, the components of CRO, examples of creative CRO strategies, and we will discuss how to develop and execute your own CRO strategy. You will leave this webinar with an actionable framework for CRO and a variety of tools to get the job done.

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Did You Know?

The average conversion rate of returning visitors is 1.70%