Interns: Do They Scare You?

Cameron Ripley, Associate Consultant

Learn How to Create an Impactful Internship

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Let's be honest, having an internship can be scary. It is time consuming, resource intensive, and who knows, the interns just might delete your entire server by accident. However, when it's done right, an internship not only can be a life changing experience for its participants, but it also can fuel your organization's drive, boost your team's creativity, and stock your business's talent pool.

Here at eBoost Consulting, we take great pride in our internship program. It is without a doubt the life-blood of our organization. In Interns: Do They Scare You?, you will learn how to inspire your interns to achieve excellence, as well as, how to create an impactful program that will help your organization breakthrough to the next level.

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