Paid Search Case Study


A television lift mechanism company was higher end than many cheap competitors but was not yet recognized among its' higher end competitors. The lack of brand awareness was affecting web traffic and ultimately sales.


While the product itself was superior to many cheaper versions, the brand recognition and quality of website needed a face lift. The key selling point of this company was its' best-in-industry service. If they could get people to call, the employees would sell with their knowledge and expertise. We needed to find a way to get the phone to ring while the other aspects of the business were being upgraded.

eBoost Solution

  • eBoost Consulting used a persona driven strategy for a robust PPC campaign. This campaign was kept in line with the goals and direction of the other initiatives being utilized. The goal was that it would eventually be tailored down as the other initiatives became more prominent.
  • eBoost Consulting spent 6 months optimizing the campaigns for Google, Yahoo & MSN platforms. This was done utilizing advanced targeting, bidding and optimization strategies as well as working hand in hand with the company to react to industry fluctuations.

The Results

Over a 6 month period cost-per-conversion was reduced by more than 40% and the number of leads increased by 335%. The extra revenue was reinvested into other online marketing initiatives including SEO, Analytics Consulting, and Email Marketing.

Next Steps

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Did You Know?

Average order value from PPC traffic = $117.06