Pitchology: How to Give a Powerful Presentation

Johnny Chan, Chief Marketing Officer, eBoost Consulting

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You've got to be believed if you want to be heard. You've got to be believed if you want your idea to fly. In this eBoost Consulting Brown Bag Webinar, we'll take you through a proven model for giving powerful presentations. We'll teach how to:

  • Put together powerful visuals
  • Deliver a concise and powerful message
  • Train yourself to structure messaging and presentation on the fly

Motivating the action of others towards a common purpose (a business idea, a business agreement, a business strategy, and even a marketing message) comes down to how well you communicate. In 30 minutes, we'll give you all the tools you need to train this ability of yours to sell your business idea, close your business agreement, create prepared presentations, and deliver strong improvisational pitches.


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The average conversion rate of returning visitors is 1.70%