Facebook Ads Management

A Proven 4-Step Formula for Facebook Ads Success

Facebook Advertising offers a unique opportunity to drive leads and sales by targeting potential new customers based on interests, job titles, industries, demographics, and much more. Whereas with Google AdWords people self-identify their interests and objectives in real time by using a specific keyword, Facebook Advertising is about targeting people who are likely to be interested in your products or services but may not have ever heard of you! eBoost Consulting builds and manages Facebook Ads campaigns with a relentless focus on ROI based on your unique goals and objectives.

Over the past 7 years of managing Facebook Ads campaigns, we have developed a proven 4-Step Process that gives our clients the best possible chance for success over their competition:

Step 1 - Research

We begin by conducting structured interviews with the objective of learning as much as possible about the Company, Customers, and Competition. Based on the interviews, we identify 4-6 ideal customer segments. We then build audience profiles in Facebook for each customer segment with the dozens of available options including:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Custom Audiences
  • Existing Customer Lists
  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Email List Lookalike
  • Fan Page Lookalike
  • Website Traffic Lookalike
  • Website Traffic Retargeting
  • Language
  • Interests (we can include and/or exclude interests)
  • Competitors
  • Behaviors
  • Travel habits
  • Online habits
  • Purchase behavior
  • Residential profiles
  • Financial habits
  • Job role
  • Television Interests
  • Relationship Status
  • Family Information
  • Life Events
  • Work Industries
  • Home Ownership & Home Type
  • Ethnic Affinities
  • Political Preferences
  • Financial Status (income, net worth, etc.)
  • Education Info
  • Workplace & Job Title info

This gives us a giant list of practically endless targeting combinations. We then use this list to test and optimize targeting options to find the optimal mix that maximizes ROI for your campaigns.

Step 2 - Creative

Based on the audience segments, we develop campaign creative that specifically addresses the wants/needs/demands of each segment.

  • Each audience segment gets 2-3 unique versions of the copy.
  • Each audience segment gets 3-5 unique ad images.
  • Copy and images are tailored to recommended ad types: Mobile Newsfeed, Desktop Newsfeed, Desktop Right Hand Side, Instagram Feed, Facebook Audience Network

Step 3 - Account Build

This is where we put it all together. We receive access to your existing Facebook page or help you create one if you don't have one. We'll work with your developer to make sure all technical set up is implemented correctly including the Facebook tracking pixel on your website. If you don't have a developer, we can help with that too!

We create a custom Audience Segmentation Strategy and Campaign Creative Brief for your approval. Once approved, we build the campaigns to spec.

Our Ads Management platform gives us a leg up on the competition. The system allows us to test and optimize campaigns using proprietary methods that are not possible directly through the Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor. This leads to massive performance gains and increased scalability of campaigns.

Step 4 - Optimization & Management

Once the account is set up that's where the real work begins. We have laid the groundwork for a successful campaign and now we get to work testing ads, targeting options, devices, placements and much more to produce a continually improving, highly successful campaign.

Ready to get started? Contact Us today to start generating new Leads and Sales for your business on Facebook.

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