Social Media 101: Why Social Media is Exactly Like High School

Jennifer Johnstone, Area of Practice Manager - Social Media Marketing

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What's the latest and most overlooked form of digital marketing? Social media marketing. It's how your business communicates, interacts and engages with its stakeholders - and it's ALL done through social media platforms, or online public forums. This means that each move you make must be calculated and strategic. Each comment, post or tweet must have a purpose. So with little or no social media expertise, how do you find that purpose and develop a strong strategy to manage your company's reputation online?

It starts with going back to high school. That's right - high school. In this comedic, yet educational webinar we're going to give you a course on how to translate your high school survival skills into newfound social media expertise. So get ready to attract the popular girl, inspire the artsy girl, impress the class president and entertain the class clown. If you're planning to graduate to the next level in social media training, attendance is mandatory.

View This Webinar and Learn:

  • How to succeed on the top social networks
  • How to relate your high school experience to new-found social media expertise

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