The Anti Competitive Advantage

The Anti-Competitive Advantage

How to Sustain While Other Fizzle

Matt Reilly, Associate Consultant, eBoost Consulting

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What's the best way to separate your business from the competition? Create value that's impossible to imitate. Mind blowing? It shouldn't be. Gone are the days of competitive advantages based on simple segmenting, targeting and positioning. In order to thrive in times like these, companies must weave their value throughout the entire organization to create truly unique and sustainable differentiation.

In this webinar, we will review professor Nirmalya Kumar's 3V model and discuss why marketers must shift their focus from silo-ed marketing tactics to marketing as an organizational mission. We'll examine how you can utilize his concept of the value customer (who), the value proposition (what), and the value network (how) to build a sustainable competitive advantage that's less susceptible to imitation.

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