The Ins, Outs, and Nuances of Internet Privacy

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Facebook recently came under fire for the discreet international roll-out of its photo facial recognition feature. This feature automatically identifies and suggests tags for individuals appearing in photos posted on Facebook. At first glance, this seemingly innocuous feature appears to quietly augment online social lives. At second glance, the rollout of this feature as a defaulted-to-on setting with no explicit user consent raises many privacy concerns. As a site with extensive power driven by the quantity, quality, and kind of data it collects, Facebook's decision to step into the world of visual recognition of its users without formal user consent is a big no-no-or is it?

Join us for this month's eBoost Consulting Brown Bag Lunch Webinar to explore this and other cases that raise internet privacy concerns. Learn the ins, outs, and nuances of internet privacy to determine where to draw the line on data collection and usage.

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