Website Design & Development

A smarter approach to building a website.

Your website is the center of your online marketing universe. Everything you do in Paid Search, SEO, Media Buys, or Social Media is more effective when you have a high converting, properly functioning, professional website.

When you start to take a closer look at user behavior on the web, you start to realize we’re a very fickle bunch. We know what we want and we want it now.

  • A site that loads in 3 seconds experiences 22% fewer page views and a 50% higher bounce rate than a site that loads in 1 second. Impact on conversions: -22%. {Web Performance Today}
  • 85% of consumers say they are willing to pay more than the standard price for a product if a great customer experience came with it. {Marketing Charts}

Improving user experience and trust increases conversion rate which increases sales, leads, and revenue.

Website A
Visits: 100,000
Order Value: $75
Conversion Rate: 1.0%
Per Visit Value: $0.75
Revenue: $75,000

Website B
Visits: 100,000
Order Value: $75
Conversion Rate: 1.9%
Per Visit Value: $1.43
Revenue: $142,500

Website B has a clear strategic advantage in that it can afford to pay nearly twice as much as Website A to get a new visitor. Mere fractions of a percentage point on paper translate into $67,500 in real money. Raising a website’s conversion rate makes everything else you do in marketing more effective.

The eBoost Way

At eBoost, we take a systematic approach to website development. Our process starts with Persona Development and Conversion Design. Once we have a clear picture of the target customers we can move onto Design and Development.

  • Personas
  • Conversion Design
  • Design
  • Development

We work with a network of independent designers which allows us to get dozens of different design concepts from widely varying perspectives. Every designer has a different style and every website needs a unique set of graphical elements. Our job is to match each website to the designer that will produce the optimal final result. The designer works from our wireframes, sitemap, and brand brief and we work directly with the designer every step of the way to refine the designs including multiple client feedback rounds and revision rounds.

Once the designs are perfect, we code them for the web. We can work with any programming language, Content Management System (CMS), server configuration, and web host. If these things are important to you, we’ll work within your system. If you’re not concerned with the technical stuff, we’ll choose the best configuration for your needs and take care of everything behind the scenes.

A website is not a set-it and forget-it endeavor. The web is a constantly evolving system and that’s what makes it such a dynamic and effective marketing tool. We provide ongoing web maintenance and consulting for everything you might need – from changing a line of text to migrating to a different domain to creating a new section of the site, integrating with Facebook and Twitter etc. Anything that needs to be done onsite, our developers can take care of it. We also provide web development services that support our other marketing efforts, such as creating PPC landing pages, coding out designs for A/B testing, and building dynamic blogging platforms.

It all adds up to an easily scalable website that looks great, functions smoothly, and delivers impactful results for your business.

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Did You Know?

Average percentage of site visits from PPC = 19.8%