4 Tips for Successful Paid Social Holiday Campaigns

November 12, 2020
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November 12, 2020 Sara Stuart

4 Tips for Successful Paid Social Holiday Campaigns

Despite 2020 being the unofficial year of uncertainty, there is one thing we know for a fact: the holidays are coming and Ecommerce is going to play a big part in 2020’s holiday shopping season. This year has already driven massive shifts in Ecommerce shopping behavior, with one report showing that US Ecommerce sales will reach $794.50 billion this year, up 32.4% year-over-year. In order to prepare for a truly unprecedented digital shopping season, we’ve rounded up our 4 top tips to make sure your campaigns will deliver without a hitch!

  1. Check For an Account Spending Limit
    If you’re planning to spend more than usual during the holiday shopping season, you need to make sure that your Account Spending Limit won’t halt ad delivery. We recommend either removing the Account Spending Limit or increasing it well past your budget to make sure your ad delivery won’t halt. Here’s how to modify your Account Spending Limit.
  2. Create Ads in Advance
    It can take Facebook up to 48 hours to approve your ads. We recommend creating your ads 3-5 days before the go-live date. By doing this, you’ll ensure that Facebook has ample time to approve your ads and you’ll have any time needed to edit any ads that Facebook disapproves.
  3. Leverage Insights from Past Tests
    Have you noticed patterns from your social this year? Things to pay attention to are the types of messages, creatives, and products that have been meeting or exceeding your goals. Given the fact that there is higher competition during the holiday shopping season, you’ll want to put your best foot forward by leveraging learnings from your historic performance.
  4. Focus on Warm and Re-Engagement Audiences
    The best audiences for holiday deals and offers are warm audiences and past customers. Since these audiences are already familiar with your brand and business, they’re much more likely to convert than cold audiences. We recommend focusing mostly on Consideration stage audiences (Facebook/Instagram followers, landing page viewers, etc.) and re-engagement audiences (past customers). 


By following these 4 tips, your holiday paid social campaigns will be set up for success!

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