5 Tools To Monitor Conversation and Brand Reputation

In an age where a backlash against traditional advertising is fueling the growth of social media as a robust marketing channel, this un-intrusive and user engaging alternative communication medium is experiencing unprecedented growth both in terms of the amount of user generated content splashed onto the web and the tools available for understanding what these conversations mean to your brand.  As marketers become hyper-sensitive to the buying public’s increasing use of instinctive advertising defense mechanisms (such as selection and filtering), they are simultaneously being bombarded with an assortment of new tools and services to combat this messaging avoidance.  Staying on top of these new tools as they roll out is becoming a full time job upon itself, but ultimately the role of the marketer is to effectively integrate these tools in a way that not only connects with their target audience, but measures how this interaction impacts the business.

The earliest forms of social media were built on the premise of “members” exchanging information with other “members” across a wide range of topics.  Members create the content, the conversation, and have control over the conveyance and distribution of information.  In keeping with that tradition, this blog post, which presents five tools for social media measurement, is in itself a fundamental platform representing the principles of interactive social information flow.  I am neither trying to endorse nor detract from the below tools, and I am simply using this forum as a springboard for conversation, awareness, and information sharing.

With that said, the tools listed below are useful platforms for measuring brand reputation, tracking user trends, understanding influence, and analyzing customer sentiment.  As a marketer, the ability to organize and understand the massive amount of data available is paramount in not only being able to engage with your target customer base, but in converting them into loyal advocates for your brand.  The main goal is to create actionable insight from your conversation audit, thus advancing the brand and ultimately the business.  Below are five tools that help you get one step closer to realizing qualitative bliss.

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