5 Unique SEO Tips to get to the top of Bing

With the recent merge of Bing and Yahoo a lot of SEO’s will be carefully dissecting data to better understand what major factors affect the Bing search results and how those factors compare to how Google ranks websites. It only makes sense that this is done, search volume will inevitably increase in Bing and you will want to be on top of it.

In order to better comprehend how Bing and Google rank sites I compared the keyword home remodeling, and explored various SEO factors that might influence this keywords positioning.

Google vs Bing Rankings

Domain Trust
Comparing the domain trust for each website we can easily see that DoItYourself.com has a much higher trust over LetsRenovate.com. This is probably the first indication and biggest reason why Google has ranked this website number one over LetsRenovate.com.

On Page Factors
Looking at the on page factors, it’s very evident that DoItYourself.com is relying on domain trust for its rankings. The only related keyword in their title tag is Home, compared to LetsRenovate.com who is using the full keyword Home Remodeling. You can also see that DoItYourself.com does not use the exact keyword home remodeling anywhere on the homepage, this again reinforces the fact that their domain authority is high and that is the main factor they are relying on.

Now, the keyword in question, home remodeling, can be broken up into two keywords, home and remodeling. Let’s take a look at each site and how it is using these keywords separate from one another.

As you can see, LetsRenovate.com is using both keywords much heavier and in a lot more places.

Off Page Factors
Backlinks will always be a huge part of any Search Engine Optimization strategy but when it comes to Bing, it’s not really THAT big of a deal. LetsRenovate.com is ranking for a highly searched keyword but is not harnessing many backlinks to do it.

Before getting into the Top 5 Bing SEO Tips, I will assume you’re doing most of the standard on page SEO stuff like a unique title tag, meta description, H1, H2, H3’s, etc… Now that you know what main factors are influencing the Bing search results, I will cover the 5 Unique SEO Tips to get you to the top of Bing.

1. Meta Keywords – Using the meta keywords tag is something that is not heavily emphasized in the SEO world but looking at a lot of the websites that rank in Bing you will see that they are used.

2. Bold Keywords – It has been shown that bolding keywords tells search engines to put a slightly larger emphasis on that keyword. Having looked at quite a few search results in Bing, many of the pages that were near the top utilized this method.

3. Image Alt Tag – Adding image alt tags has long been used for SEO but it seems that it is more important in Bing then Google. Most of the websites I looked at were utilizing the image alt tag well and thus were ranking higher in Bing.

4. Keyword Density – In general, Bing seems to like a keyword density of 4-6%. Not to say I didn’t find websites that ranked with a much lower and much higher percentage, but overall, the top websites seemed to fall in that range.

5. Domain Age – The older the domain, the better. This is a common positive factor for any website but it holds especially true in Bing.

Well, there you have it! 5 Unique SEO Tips to get you to the top of Bing.

– Marko

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