A Campaign Greater Than Us

Jason and I caught a billboard yesterday on Clairemont Dr. that was so wonderfully executed, I had to drive back and take a picture.

The campaign is for Greater Than AIDS – a new movement that responds to the AIDS crisis in the United States with a particular focus on the impact of HIV on Black Americans.  The billboard’s call to action was to drive you to a specific url to find out more about the story: www.greaterthan.org/lolisa.  This url redirects to www.greaterthan.org/decidingmoments where you can read about Yvonne’s story and other persons’ stories as well.  Aside from being a very important cause, as marketers there’s much to be learned by Greater Than AIDS’ execution.  Here are the key takeaway lessons:

  1. Easy to remember call-to-action on billboards.  URL is simple and memorable.
  2. A real person is at the forefront of the campaign.  This rides the wave of many successful ad campaigns that use real people – not models – as the face of the campaigns.
  3. The message is simple, repeatable, and humanistic.  No gloss here.  It cuts to the chase and leaves a mark.
  4. Compelling imagery that spans across the billboard.  Large images with text overlay matches the trends of modern website design.
  5. One call-to-action.  Zoning in on one goal makes the action simple.
  6. Geotargeted.  The billboard was placed at a high traffic neighborhood.
  7. Integration with social sharing.  The website directs you to engage with Greater Than AIDS on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and MySpace.
  8. Proper use of multimedia.  Videos, photos, copy.  All types of content are woven into the website.

Get to know more about Greater Than AIDS here: Take Action.


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