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We help great ecommerce brands thrive through digital advertising.
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What We're All About

Our mission is to help great ecommerce brands thrive through digital advertising.

Our company values are:

Be Great At What We Do

When we know our stuff, we stand behind our work and have peace of mind. Our clients get positive results that help them accomplish their marketing goals. Doing great work helps Eboost grow and thrive because our clients stay with us and speak positively about us to others.

Be Strategic About How We Do It

By developing processes, we give ourselves more space for the creative and strategic work we enjoy most and that produces the most value for our clients. A proven, repeatable process ensures every client gets a consistent quality of service and little things don’t slip through the cracks.

Be Grounded In Data

As digital marketers we have access to an almost inconceivable amount of data. We have both the opportunity and responsibility to utilize that data in an intelligent way that drives real-world results for our clients. Every decision we make should consider all available data.

Be Innovative

Everything is always changing, especially in the online world. What worked yesterday may not work today and we shouldn’t be tied to a way of doing things just because it is what we’re used to. Finding new, creative ways to drive results for our clients is the lifeblood of our business.

Be Proud Of What We Create

It is important for us to work with companies that are committed to making a positive impact in the world and with people that treat others with respect. It is our responsibility to build advertising campaigns that support our clients’ missions and are consistent with their brand values.

Be Committed To Each Other's Success

Doing something for someone else is more powerful and impactful than doing something for yourself. The more we focus our energy toward the success of our colleagues and clients, the happier and more successful we will all be in business and in life.


Who We Are

Experienced digital marketers with the expertise, creativity and hustle needed to get high-end results.


Ryosuke ``Guy`` Nitagai

Senior Data Engineer


Gabby Falconer

Account Manager


Ryan Sigler

Director of Paid Social


Kris Irizawa



Ken Kusuyama


What We Do

We develop and execute Paid Social and Paid Search strategies for medium-sized and enterprise brands.

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