Real-time bidding algorithms based on millions of data points drive highly efficient Paid Search campaigns.
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Real-Time Bidding

The system processes more than 25m bids per day across 180k campaigns, enough data to make sound decisions on the most granular level, pushing incremental efficiency increases at the keyword and ad level that roll up into major account-wide performance improvements.

Audience-Level Optimization

Adspert’s algorithm can identify optimization opportunities across a wide variety of audience-level data such as device, geo, demo, parental status and more. Bids are customized to the individual searcher in addition to the keyword they’re searching for.

Keyword Research At Scale

AI-based keyword suggestions give our team a steady stream of new opportunities to evaluate. Our team then has the flexibility to easily accept or reject the algorithm’s suggestions based on each client’s unique needs and service offerings.

Advanced Automation

There are certain things machines do better than humans. Adspert gives the machines the tasks they’re best at so our expert media buyers can spend their time doing data analysis, writing new ad copy to test, and making the strategic decisions that drives performance for our clients.

Predictive Forecasting

Curious how many more sales you could get if you scaled up your budget? What would happen to your ROAS and CPA? Adspert’s data-drive prediction engine utilizes your own account data along with greater industry trends to show you how your account could be performing at various spend levels so you can make the smart decision on ad spend.

Enhanced Shopping

Adspert’s optimization algorithms generate more customers from Google Shopping campaigns by honing in on the right shoppers at the right time and serving them the perfect product and message.

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