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Our team of Amazon PPC experts will improve your Sales, Revenue and ROI on Amazon Sponsored Products and Headline Search Ads.

More than half of all Ecommerce searches start directly at Amazon. Online shoppers are skipping the Google search more and more these days and using Amazon exclusively as their go-to source for finding the products they need.


As Amazon continues to grow its market share, it becomes increasingly important for any business that sells products online to be prominently listed in Amazon search results.


Similar to Google Adwords, Amazon PPC is an auction environment where advertisers bid to show up for the keywords that are relevant to their products. If you want to compete against top advertisers for customers on Amazon, it is crucial to have an experienced team managing your campaign.



Our highly experienced team will make sure your account is structured properly for optimal results and implement all the best practices necessary to win more high-converting traffic to your listings and maximize Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).


We have developed a proven system for generating high-impact results on Amazon consisting of 4 distinct steps:


- Audit

- Research

- Build

- Optimize

Step 1 - Audit

We begin by conducting a full audit of your existing campaigns, website and products. During this process we begin to identify opportunities for increasing sales, revenue and ROI.

eCommerce Ads on Facebook

Step 2 - Research

Our team does keyword research around your brand, niche, competitors and your products. The result is a comprehensive list of keywords that real-world shoppers are using to find your products.

Step 3 - Build

With the foundation complete we then build out your campaigns within Amazon. It is crucial to build the campaigns in a highly organized way, consisting of tightly-knit groups of highly relevant keywords related to each specific product that you offer.

eCommerce Ads on Facebook

Step 4 - Optimize

Following Campaign Launch, we begin the process of ongoing optimization. This is the real secret sauce that allows us to massively outperform previous results on most accounts we take over. We find out what works, what doesn’t, always test new opportunities and funnel budget to where it will have the most impact on your bottom line.

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