What’s Wrong With You? Every website is different and has unique challenges, needs, and goals. But I would argue there is one thing every single website in the world has in common: Any website can benefit from Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). CRO is the process of systematically testing variations of your web pages, implementing the […]

When starting a new Search Engine Optimization project, any half-way decent SEO would focus on keyword research, link building strategies, Title Tags, Copy, XML Sitemaps and all the other basics that have to get done. It’s all important stuff and it’s all effective in generating more traffic from search engines. But an often overlooked facet […]

If you are like most of our clients, you’re probably looking to increase the number of leads, sales, and overall value that you provide your customers. We feel your pain, we’ve felt how you do, and we’ve found a solution! But contrary to what HIPPOs (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) say, driving more traffic is not […]

A yield curve predicts what the maximum sales, or leads, are likely to be at different investment levels. Most decision makers understand the concept of the yield curve in digital marketing at a gut level. The most elementary understanding is expressed by phrase number 144 in the Encyclopedia of Business Clichés: “low hanging fruit.” A […]

I am often asked the question “I’m on the 1st page organically for my most important term. Can’t I turn off my Paid Search Marketing now?” The answer is undoubtedly “No . . . let me explain why.” Which is followed by most of what is below, give or take a few points depending on […]

The situation strikes fear in the hearts of website owners everywhere. You have a successful web property that has been around for years. You get lots of quality traffic from the major search engines and you make good money from that traffic. There’s no reason to mess with a good thing, right? Well, for whatever […]

When it comes to predicting results, Search Engine Optimization campaigns are notoriously hard to pin down. You know you want to rank #1 for your favorite keyword. But how much real revenue can you expect from that ranking? And how much time and money is it worth putting in? With some quick calculations on the […]

It seems that everyone I teach or consult with on pay per click has their own ideas on how negative keywords actually work in Google AdWords. This is a straightforward explanation on the correct use that can hopefully help steer your campaigns in the right direction. What they are: They are words or phrases that […]

When it comes to Google there is one sure fire way to get higher ad placement and no it isn’t just all about how much you are willing to pay for the spot. Your max Cost Per Click (CPC) is of course a factor but it isn’t the whole puzzle, simply a piece. The formula […]

When I mention the word “persuasion,” you’re likely picture a negotiation, where one person insists as another pushes back until, eventually, one side concedes. And, in all conventional uses of the word you would be correct. For web marketers and most, if not all, business owners, however, persuasion goes beyond words into what is called […]