A Digital Marketer’s Checklist for Your Best Prime Day Ever

June 11, 2021
Posted in Amazon PPC
June 11, 2021 Dana Driskill

A Digital Marketer’s Checklist for Your Best Prime Day Ever

Set your alarms, online shoppers. Prime Day(s) returns June 21st and 22nd. For both digital advertisers and consumers, this day is now regarded as the Super Bowl of Shopping, with deals from humidifiers to drones to power tools and beyond. There’s something for everyone within Amazon’s seemingly endless inventory. 

In 2020, Amazon sold a staggering $10.4 billion worth of goods on Prime Day, up 45.2% from $7.16 billion in 2019.

While in person shopping has rebounded significantly since last fall, Amazon is still expected to put up sales numbers that rival a small country’s GDP. 

So what should advertisers do to prepare? How can you best execute and maximize your ROAS? We’ve come up with a handy last minute checklist to make sure you catch the wave of incoming traffic and surf your way into low ACoS. 

Stock Up. Seriously.

Before you even start outlining your marketing strategy, make sure your product inventory is as stocked as possible. The last thing you want is to run out of product, causing your ads to halt, upsetting your customers, and losing out on potential sales. You wouldn’t go on a long road trip without first checking your gas tank, so make sure your inventory is ready to handle the increase in sales.

Tidy up those product pages.

Have you ever read a product details page and not been able to find the important info you need to know before buying? Don’t frustrate your potential customers with an incomplete listing. A product’s dimensions, batteries included, color options, and any other relevant information can and should be included in the product details page. Not only will that help your conversion rate, it will also help your listings’ rankings. An insider secret: use appropriate back-end keywords to help them rank even better. 

If you need help figuring out how your Product Detail Pages could be improved, you can try to do some market research and see what your competitors are doing. Better yet, save time and just call us.

Showcase your products leading up to Prime Day (duh).

Like Arnold Schwarzenegger on the hunt for a Turbo Man toy in Jingle All the Way, shoppers are actively researching products and preparing their purchases weeks in advance of Prime Day. This will help make your promoted products and deals even more discoverable and increase the likelihood of closing sales on actual Prime Day. During the lead up to Prime Day, make sure you optimize your inputs by testing different audiences and keyword strategies to find those winning combos for Prime Day. Think of it as running drills during practice so when it’s game time, you can execute that play. 

Sponsored Display should be the quarterback of your advertising strategy.

Stay top of mind during high-traffic, high sales period days with Sponsored Display ads running alongside your existing Amazon Advertising efforts (combining forces as a digital advertising tag team). 

Sponsored Display engages shoppers across their purchase journey through ad placements both on and off Amazon. There’s no minimum spend and your campaigns are aware of inventory and will pause if you run out, a win-win.

Shine a spotlight on your brand store.

Sponsored Brand spotlight campaigns can help you promote different sub pages on your brand store and drive additional traffic to your entire catalogue. This is especially beneficial for brand’s with large catalogues of similar products, such as a furniture company with a variety of desk sizes and styles, and allows you to market your entire brand instead of various sponsored products. 

Sponsored Brands Videos

Video is the long established king of social media. It’s a no-brainer that sponsored videos on Amazon will catch a consumer’s eye while scrolling for deals in their search results. Your video doesn’t need to be flashy or expertly produced, but it should clearly and quickly communicate the value prop of your product and brand. 

Increase your budget.

Capitalize on peak periods of traffic and increase your budget in order to be more competitive with your bidding. Amazon has historically suggested increasing your budget by 200%. You can start there, monitor performance, and adjust accordingly.

Retarget those warm audiences.

On Prime Day, you can turn on additional advertising tactics to help maximize reach with warm audiences that have seen your ads. For example, you can remarket to audiences that visited your product detail pages before Prime Day to stay top of mind on the day of the event. Sponsored Display is a great way to target people who have viewed your product but have not yet purchased.

Experience the glow of the post Prime Day Halo Effect.

After Prime Day, average traffic to Amazon is still higher than usual, allowing marketers plenty of additional selling opportunities. During this time, you can promote complementary products to your existing audiences or reach new audiences who didn’t purchase your products during Prime Day. Just because Prime Day is over, doesn’t mean shopping ends.