Beyond Search: Don’t Miss These Other Marketing Opportunities with Google

We need to talk. To those who missed out on last month’s webinar, boy, did you miss out. It was good. Really good. Based upon the feedback it was one of the best webinars of the year. Heck, we learned a thing or two doing the research. Looking past the personal grudge that’s built up because of your absence, here’s a Cliff’s notes version to get you up to speed:

  1. Test out display, will ya? The median advertiser gets 20% of their conversions from the display network with a CPA that’s 2% lower than search. In a recent study, display advertising led to a 155% increase in searches for brand and product category keywords. Contact your Google reps to get your hands on the new Campaign Insights tool that measures the incremental impact on site visits and branded search terms delivered by display.
  2. Recycle, reduce, remarket. If your site has at least 20,000 visitors a month use remarketing to target previous visitors to your site with display ads. Conversion rates are double the norm on average. If your company has graduated remarketing 101, then start using remarketing to send different messages to people who purchased at your site or people who abandoned your site before purchasing or contacting. Recycle your website visitors with intelligent remarketing and you’ll reduce wasteful ad impressions.
  3. Google will come to your office and take your picture. Yep. Sign up for business photos, a new addition to Google Places, and Google will send a photographer to take free pictures of your office to load to your places page. Business Photos, along with real time updates and tags, is a new addition to the places product.
  4. This is the year for mobile marketing. No, really. Seriously. Okay, mobile marketing domination has yet to arrive in terms of total marketing dollars spent, but there’s plenty of progress. In the webinar, we discussed Google’s new click-to-call feature. Local businesses will enjoy higher click-through-rates(CTRs) without cannibalizing the CTR of their other paid links.
  5. FYI PYI ads coming. ETA TBD. Promote Your Image (PYI) ads are coming to Google Image search.

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