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Google Ads Asset Library Huge Win For Marketers

If introduced fully, the Asset Library in Google Ads could be a game changer for many advertisers – especially those who struggle with coordinating creative resources. The Asset Library will improve workflows and serve as a creative warehouse for campaigns, even allowing advertisers to make any Standard Rich Media assets dynamic, giving PPC marketers the ability to swap out videos or images across campaigns

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Don’t Fall For Google Ads Optimization Scores

This score is calculated based on the standing of your account, and is directly related to how many automated “Recommendations” you’ve implemented at various levels throughout your account. On the Recommendations tab, you can see what Google is suggesting for your account using their artificial intelligence, and how much each recommendation will improve your Optimization Score.

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All You Need To Know About Google’s Dynamic Exclusion Lists

Dynamic Exclusion Lists will give users the ability to create an exclusion list themselves or by a third-party they trust (like brand safety organizations) and schedule the list to be automatically updated as new web pages or domains are added. This will ensure that exclusion lists remain effective and current across an entire account, without the need for constant, manual additions.

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