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Six Reasons You Need A Digital Ad Agency

These days, nearly everyone in the workforce is used to wearing many hats – and being able to do so is often a selling point on resumes and in interviews. If this describes you in your career, chances are you’ve been asked to do something outside of your typical job responsibility, and for many people that includes taking on some marketing efforts. Sometimes companies choose to run marketing efforts in-house as a conscious decision; oftentimes in a race to remain competitive with other companies, it’s not. Many companies soon wonder, “How did we get here?”, “How did we spend so much budget on these initiatives?” and more importantly, “Are they working?” For the person thrown into overseeing or navigating the digital advertising landscape, they often think, “Is this my job now?”, “Am I qualified for this?”, “Do I really know what I am doing?”

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Change Is Coming: Shopping Ads Soon Eligible to Show in Gmail

Coming off the crazy holiday season and the New Year’s hoopla this year, Google is back at it and coming in hot with some updates and changes to kick off 2020!

Over the last two weeks, Google Ads has been notifying its advertisers about an upcoming change to standard shopping campaigns, in which they will now be eligible to reach users on Gmail. That’s right, standard shopping ads can now be served up within Gmail!

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How and Where to Respond to Instagram and Facebook Ad Comments

Are you engaging with comments on your social ads? If you aren’t, you’re missing a major opportunity to interact with your potential customers and leads. One of the best things about Instagram and Facebook ads is that they provide a two-way communication channel with your ad viewers. If you’re not taking advantage of this opportunity you could be leaving sales and leads on the table.

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Tips for Getting Access to Google Ads Betas

Are you looking for a way to push your Google Ads account to the next level? Maybe you feel that things are getting stale, or like any PPC master you just want to drive constant improvement. You might even just want to impress your stakeholders with some fancy new bells and whistles in the account. If that’s the case, a great idea is to get your account into some Google Ads betas. Throughout the years, we’ve been whitelisted for numerous betas and alphas. In some cases, our team was the first to go to market with new betas and our feedback played a critical role in improving them.

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Show Them The Money: How Do Credit Card Charges Work for Google, Amazon, Instagram and Facebook Ads?

There’s no denying it: digital advertising payments can be confusing. As we know, and you might too, every advertising platform handles billing a bit differently. The first important thing to note is that being charged by your advertising platform and being billed by them are two different things. You will be charged whenever you incur a cost, but you may not have to pay it right away (meaning you may be billed for it at a later date or time). Keeping up with all of the payment methods and billing thresholds on Amazon, Google, and Facebook/Instagram can be hard, but we’re here to help! Here’s when you’ll be billed for advertising spend on some of the top digital advertising platforms.

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Google Expands Local Shopping Options in Time for Holiday Sales!

With so many eyes on our digital-only sales metrics, it can be easy to forget that around 92% of retail sales still happen offline. According to Google Consumer Surveys, most people still want their items right away, want to see or feel their items, and don’t want to worry about hassles like shipping and returns. This is even more common during the holidays, when turnaround time and getting the perfect gift are crucial.

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