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Harnessing the Power of Shopify Data for Superior Marketing Insights

Shopify is a treasure trove of valuable data that extends beyond what is readily accessible through tools like Google Analytics. Crucial customer insights such as first-time vs. returning buyer status, details about discounts and returns, and purchasing habits of customers, all lie within the reach of Shopify’s powerful analytics.

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PSA: Change Your Microsoft Ads To Responsive Search Ads by August 29

Microsoft Advertising will also sunset their version of Expanded Text Ads next week, August 29th 2022, to serve only RSAs out of all Standard Search campaigns. The good news is that your current Expanded Text Ads in Microsoft Ads will automatically be updated to Responsive Search Ads. However, you’ll find yourself missing lots of potential headlines and descriptions since the newer ad type allows for much more ad copy.

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How to Write Winning Responsive Search Ads on Google Ads

On June 30, Google Ads retired Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) and updated Search campaigns to only utilize Responsive Search Ads (RSAs). If the shift over to RSAs has been challenging for your team, we’ve collected some tips to help get the wheels turning. After all, so many copy lines in one ad, and understanding all the mix-and-match capabilities of the ad can make it a challenge to really get creative.

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