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Amazon AR View – Seeing Is Believing!

Last night at around 11PM, laying in bed, I decided, “I should really start Christmas shopping.” I leaned over and grabbed my phone off the charger and opened my Amazon app. I have a 9-month old son, so I started with a search for “infant toys.” As I looked through different items, like teething toys meant to look like your cellphone, TV remote, and other potentially terrible gift ideas, I saw an option I hadn’t come across before. Underneath the product listing, it said “View This Item in Your Home.”

What the what!?

I clicked the button and a camera popped up. It told me, “It’s too dark. Turn on some lights.”

I groaned at the thought of getting out of bed, but needing to see what this feature was, I obliged (I just did it the easier way). I asked Alexa to, “turn on my master bedroom light”. Lights came on, and my phone told me to pick a flat surface. I did just that and a blue dot came up. I clicked on the blue dot and BAM! The infant toy was sitting on my hardwood floor! Just like that. Who knew your phone could put toys all over your floor just like your kid?

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Cyber Week 2018 Planning Guide: PPC Tips & Tricks

It’s almost that time of year! You know the one – Cyber Week – which runs from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday, and accounts for nearly 32% of all holiday revenue. It’s the time of year that purchasers dive heavily into holiday shopping, and most advertisers and retailers get gray hair. Seriously, in the industry, it is known to happen and is seen as your initiation into all things Q4.

This year though, don’t let the big Q4 push stress you out! Based on research from seasons past, we’ve compiled a quick and straightforward list of our top 10 tips and tricks for your PPC account to ensure all your bases are covered this holiday season.

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Universal App Campaigns in a Nutshell

Hey there folks! Do you have a mobile or tablet app that you are looking to promote to drive installs or actions? If so, you may have dabbled around with different ways to promote it – maybe even on Google Ads or Admob. But, whether you have been using Google Ads or not, there were recently A LOT of changes to how you can promote your app, and today we’ll be walking you through the newest (and now only) mobile app campaign type – Universal App Campaigns.

What are Universal App Campaigns?

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Coupon Promotions in Amazon Seller Central

If you’re an advertiser of any sort, you may have wondered, “Who doesn’t love a good ole fashioned coupon?” While it’s true, most do love coupons, they’ve evolved quite a bit since the days of sitting at your kitchen table and meticulously rifling through newspaper inserts with your trusty pair of scissors. According to RetailMeNot, 96% of consumers use coupons, and Deal Nerd estimates that coupon users are spending 24% more than regular shoppers.

The great thing about coupons these days is that many can be found online at the opportune moment – offering us that instant gratification. No more needing to plan a special trip to the store just to use your coupons or wondering if a coupon exists for an item you were recently eyeing. In fact, you might not even be “offered” a digital coupon these days unless you show interest based on how you’re behaving online.

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4 Steps for Running a Buy One Get One Promotion in Amazon Seller Central

If you’ve read our Guide to Amazon Seller Promotions, you’re probably well on your way to learning how to leverage all the promotion types available in your Amazon Seller account. And this one, is a personal fav. Who doesn’t love a good BOGO? Buy One, Get One ice cream. Buy One, Get One shoes. Life is just better with a BOGO!

If you’re advertising on Amazon through Seller Central, you might have considered running a BOGO promotion for your products, whether it be to clear out excess inventory or drum up new sales and reviews from deal hunters. By creating a BOGO offer, you allow your customers one or more free items after each other item they purchase. As you can imagine, like with our Percentage-Off blog post, putting caps in place will be important.

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Facebook Expands Flight Ads to Prospecting Audiences in Latest Update for Airline Advertisers

Facebook’s “Dynamic Ads for Travel” have been a huge win for airlines, hotels and other travel-related advertisers. Dynamic ads for travel allow advertisers to automatically reach people who are likely to take a trip – and to tailor the ads based on date, destination and other details.

Facebook has been slowly rolling out more and more functionality over the past year or so to make these ads even more effective and reach a broader audience. Initially, advertisers were limited to retargeting for hotel bookings. In October 2017 they added prospecting (broad audiences) for hotel bookings and dynamic retargeting for flight bookings.

Since then we’ve been hoping they’d introduce dynamic prospecting for flight bookings and we finally got our wish!

In an announcement on the Facebook for Business blog on September 6th, Facebook announced that Flight Ads could now be run with Broad Audiences (Facebook speak for “not-retargeting” when it comes to dynamic ads).

Why is this a big deal?

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Five Easy Steps to Running Free Shipping Promotions in Seller Central

If you’ve been following along with our recent blog posts, you’ve likely stumbled upon our Guide to Amazon Seller Promotions. And if you haven’t, well, you might want to start there first.

In today’s post, we’ll be walking through a more specific promotion type: Free Shipping.

If you think, “Oh, Free Shipping is no big deal these days,” think again. After all, that’s one of the major selling points on most Amazon purchases, and why Amazon now has more than 100 million Prime members worldwide, am I right?

To create a Free Shipping promotion in Seller Central – it’s pretty simple. The only caveats are that doing so will not help you win the Buy Box on Amazon, and it will only be applicable to FBM (fulfillment by Merchant) products.

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4 Easy Steps to Set up Percentage-Off Promotions in Amazon Seller Central

We recently published our Guide to Amazon Seller Central Promotions. And now we’ll take a deeper dive into each of the different types of promotions we introduced in that post.

First up is one of the most popular promotion types in the Amazon Marketplace: “Percentage-Off Promotions” (or what used to be Money-Off Promotions). This promotion allows you to offer the purchaser a discount on your inventory items based on how they are buying your products.

You can create the promotion for single buys, bulk buys, or minimum dollar amount buys.

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How to Set Up a Facebook Product Feed in Magento

Magento is one of the longest-standing and most popular Ecommerce platforms out there, favored by more serious and large Ecommerce retailers for it’s rich feature set geared toward sites with large catalogs.

It also has a great 3rd party app marketplace that makes extending your site quick and easy.

If you manage a Magento site and you want to run Facebook Dynamic Ads, one of the first steps is to create a Facebook Product Feed.

Here’s how we do it for our Magento clients:

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