Boston University Meets Business Model Scalability

Boston University, you better brace yourself.


The hard hitting combo of Johnny Chan and Jen “JMo” Morris are jet-setting their way to the cool campus of Boston University as they wrap up their dynamic eBoost Business Model Scalability Bootcamp.

To date, the one-two punch has virtually delivered an intensive, immersive, and experiential series to the Boston University School of Management’s ITEC Summer Camp that will cultivate today in a final in-person module.  Participating start-ups have learned how to properly assess their business model, how to identify their online customer acquisition channels, and how to scale their businesses using scenario planning.

By illustrating examples drawn from their own experience at acquiring millions of customers for their clients and creating over a billion dollars of enterprise value, Johnny Chan and Jen Morris have simplified the complexity of customer acquisition in the eBoost Business Model Scalability Bootcamp.  The mission of the BU Bootcamp is to make sure that when the ITEC start-up teams hop into the ring for their first real fight, they will be able to roll with the punches and pound for pound, dominate their competition.

If your organization, university, or incubator would be interested in working with eBoost Consulting to scale entrepreneurial education please be sure to visit our contact us page.


Cameron Ripley

Associate Consultant



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