Build Brand Affinity with Email Marketing

Imagine if you give customers an opportunity to fall in love with your product prior to purchasing it? Establishing this type of rapport from the get-go will help increase conversions and customer retention. ModCloth, an online vintage-inspired clothing outlet sells a variety of clothing, shoes, accessories and home décor from indie designers. In my opinion, ModCloth is a prime example of a customer-centric company that gives their “ModLovers” exactly what they want, when they want it.

Discounts, competing brands and subsitutions rarely measure up to the deep-rooted loyalty of a true brand evangelist. This is exactly what you should be looking for in your ideal customer. They not only are consistent with their brand purchases, but help you acquire potential evangelists as well. I’m going to take you through an example of a company using it to send subscribers customized, dynamic and strategic emails that fuel this longstanding loyalty to their brand.

As a ModCloth brand evangelist (so much so that I decided to feature them in this article), I was particularly impressed with how they leveraged their lack of inventory to increase the likelihood of customer purchases. For example, I recently went on the ModCloth website in search of a jacket that would be warm enough to wear out on the town in the evenings (the rare time it cools of in San Diego). As a Hunger Games enthusiast and self-proclaimed fashionista, I was immediately drawn toward a leather jacket featured on the ModCloth website. To my dismay, the jacket was out of stock. However, my concerns were immediately acquiesced when I saw that I could add personalized notifications to my account and have them email me immediately when the jacket was back in stock.

This accomplished the following:

  • Gave me options when the product was unavailable, instead telling me I was SOL (Sore Outta Luck)
  • Increased the likeability of the jacket
  • Provided social proof that my choice in fashion is matched by my peers
  • Created a sense of excitement to receive the email notifiaction that “my jacket” is back in stock
  • Fueled my affinity toward the brand

About two weeks passed by and I received the email I had been waiting for. My expectations were set, I planned to purchase the jacket and I was ready for the opportunity to pull the trigger.

This is an excellent example of a well-optimized and customized email campaign. In the subject line, it features the name of the jacket I’ve been waiting to purchase, so it immediately catches my attention. A picture of the jacket is in the center of the email, so I can remember just how much I like it. In not one, but two places, it includes information regarding the fact that the email is not a guarantee that I will receive the jacket, which creates a sense of urgency for me to convert. Also, it adds the element of social proof once again that even if I end up not getting the jacket, that my taste in fashion is appreciated by others. Like any well-structured email template, it also includes social sharing options, if I feel so inclined to share this exciting news with fellow ModLovers.

The good news is the jacket was in stock. By the time I got to the site, there was one left in my size and I am now its proud owner.

It’s fascinating how passionate we can feel about a particular brand, product or service, but it’s also an important element to be aware of. Because, if you think about the way you truly feel and interact with your own best-loved brand, it’ll teach you how to better attract your company’s ideal customer. Email marketing is a great start. With this specialized digital tool, you’ll be able to reach your brand evangelists and give them exactly what they want and when they want it.

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