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Driving massive traffic volume at unbelievably low CPCs.


Through structured multi-variate testing and ongoing optimization, we drove 100,000 daily visitors at under $0.02 CPCs. 


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Their Story

Digital Geniuses

Voyager Media is a digital-centric media company with a collection of premium brands delivering engaged audiences in over 20 countries.

With social traffic a premium commodity in this industry, Voyager Media turned to eBoost to increase traffic from Facebook across their network of sites.

The Goal

Maximize social traffic while minimizing cost per click

Voyager came to eBoost with the goal of driving as much traffic as possible through Facebook while keeping CPC's low and maintaining user engagement.

Our Solution

Highly structured multi-variate testing and automated scaling using machine learning algorithms.

We started by testing hundreds of ad creatives featuring content from the various Voyager Media sites. Each campaign was launched with 10-15 image variations and 4-5 ad copy variations and corresponded to a single article on one of the network sites.

In addition to the multitude of ad creatives, we were simultaneously A/B testing placements, ad types, and audience types in order to find pockets of high performance where the Click Through Rate (CTR) was high enough to result in traffic at very low CPCs.

When we found a pocket that performed well, we used our scaling algorithms to systematically grow ad spend and decrease CPCs on one campaign while continuing to test new campaigns. Through this process we were able to simultaneously grow traffic levels to 100k+ daily visitors while keeping CPCs at $0.02 or less, oftentimes even under $0.01 per click.

The Results

High quality social traffic generating huge daily profits.

By testing hundreds of new ads on a daily basis, we were able to achieve extremely high Click Through Rates (CTRs) of over 15% on our ads which produced CPCs as low as $0.004 (no that’s not a typo – traffic was less than half a cent per visit) for US desktop traffic. We paired up these ultra-low CPC campaigns with revenue data from the customer and used advance bidding techniques to scale spend on campaigns that were producing the highest Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). By optimizing for both CPC and ROAS, we were able to exceed Voyager’s goals of 100k+ daily visitors from Facebook while producing consistent profitability.

  • Averaged Under $0.02 Cost per Click
  • Over $250,000 ad spend during 4 month engagement
  • 12,000,000+ Visits from Facebook

From The Customer

"The eBoost team and process exceeded my expectations. I especially loved how they quickly integrated with our internal ROI reporting and used it daily to optimize for gross profit. I have and will continue to refer and recommend them."

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