iTAN Sun Spray Spa

Scaling new customer acquisition for 34 franchise locations.


We created a year-round advertising strategy that became one of the top customer acquisition channels for the company.


Increase in New Customers


Lower CPC



Their Story

The Leader in Smart Tanning & Spa Services

Founded in 2001 and based in Southern California, iTAN Sun Spray Spa has grown to become the leader in smart tanning and spa services in the region with 34 franchise locations.

Their relentless focus on quality and customer service sets them apart from the competition and has allowed them to thrive for nearly 20 years in the area.

In 2013, iTAN hired eBoost to manage Facebook ads with the goal of expanding market share by getting new customers into the doors of salons throughout the region. 

The Goal

Create a long-term customer acquisition strategy for bringing new customers into salons.

The client came to eBoost with the goal of increasing new customer counts across the salons. The challenge was creating a sustainable strategy and avoiding ad fatigue despite the relatively small geographic targeting area.

Our Solution

A year-round advertising schedule with variation in offers, events, targeting, and ad types.

We created a year-round advertising schedule with variation in special offers, in-salon events, audience targeting, ad types, and even dynamic imagery in order to keep the campaigns fresh and relevant to potential customers.

Using detailed exclusion targeting we also avoided showing ads to existing customers to ensure the budget was spent as efficiently as possible. This keeps the content fresh and the offers accessible to the target market in Southern California.

In addition to the above tactics, we’ve been able to make huge gains in performance by narrowing in on the most receptive segments of the target audience – age, gender, interests, devices used, etc. By focusing on these specific high-performing segments, we’re able to provide a significantly higher return on ad spend.

Lastly, we used Facebook Offline Events to determine the true ROI by tracking actual sales in the salons back to the ads that drove those customers in.


The Results

Substantial increase in performance.

During the 3+ years of campaign management and optimization, Facebook ads has become one of the top customer acquisition channels for the company. We’ve continually improved Click Through Rates (CTR) to an all-time high of over 3% and brought Cost Per Click (CPC) down from $1.50+ at the start to under $0.20 average. After implementing offline event tracking technology, we were able to reduce the CAC (cost to acquire a customer) by 63% which led to a 3x increase in new customers.

  • 3x Increase in New Customers
  • 63% Lower CAC
  • 85% Lower CPC
  • 3.14% CTR

From The Customer

"eBoost Consulting's management of iTAN’s social advertising campaigns has led to more efficient use of ad spend and qualified customer traffic in our salons. Their ability to hypertarget customer segments and optimize our marketing efforts to better reach these key demographics is an integral part of our direct response campaigns."

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