We recently published our Guide to Amazon Seller Central Promotions. And now we’ll take a deeper dive into each of the different types of promotions we introduced in that post. First up is one of the most popular promotion types in the Amazon Marketplace: “Percentage-Off Promotions” (or what used to be Money-Off Promotions). This promotion allows […]

If you’ve been running an Amazon Seller Central account for a while now, you’ve likely learned that there are some key differences in the promotions offered in Seller Central versus those available in Vendor Central. If you have a Seller Central account, you are considered a “3P”, or Third-Party Seller, who sells products to consumers […]

As a search marketer, you know that showing ads that are relevant to your users’ search query is absolutely crucial in our line of business. If you’re an old school advertiser who’s been running campaigns on Google AdWords (now Google Ads) for years, you know how important relevancy is to Google – it’s even worked […]

Amazon’s advertising platform offering PPC ads (or sponsored ads) is all the rage these days – especially as searchers are turning to Amazon as a true “shopping engine” versus just a search engine over the last few years. Not only does Amazon receive millions of searches each month, and is experiencing steady growth, but it […]

As many of you have probably noticed, Amazon’s Seller Central advertising portal received a brand new “interface-lift”; one that’s a little bit more aesthetically pleasing and visually stimulating. While the overall reporting capabilities aren’t necessarily new, the graph views (that you can toggle on and off) at the account, campaign, and ad group levels are […]