The venue – a space large enough to fit more than 15,000 adoring fans. Guitars, drums, amps and microphones line the stage. Bright lights pulse and move in orchestrated unison. Fade in on center stage. A lone podium stands in a pool of light where rests…the Bible. Not what you were picturing? Those aforementioned elements […]

The World Wide Web is the most viral epidemic. Tools and technologies are growing faster than Pinocchio’s nose. Marketers are on the hunt for increased conversions while users desire enhanced engagement. So how do we plant two trees with one seed? By serving up some of the 7 sizzling digital marketing trends of 2012! Can […]

If you’re a fan of John Zagula’s and Richard Tong’s The Marketing Playbook you’re probably familiar with the Stealth Play. The Stealth Play is a business move that embodies the phrase, “if you can’t beat ‘em…join ‘em…or at least stay out of their way.” This play is the one to rely on when your opponents, […]

Millions were left powerless after yesterday afternoon’s unexpected blackouts, which plagued much of the south-west United States. With the catastrophe occurring so close to 9/11, many speculate that international terrorism is brewing and that the United States should again increase the national security level. However, with so many postulating global terrorism- the root of the […]

The most important persona could be the one your business neglects the most. Hmph. Most companies focus on grabbing market share but the opportunity to grab market size could present the largest opportunity (and is sometimes the path of least resistance).  Thus, it’s important for companies that use persona development to drive marketing strategy to […]

A Behavioral Economist Teaches Us About Trust & Revenge Dan Ariely throwing up economic gang signs. Dan Ariely is a behavioral economist and professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University.  If I had a Fave5 on my phone of my go-to-thought leaders, Dan Ariely would certainly be on that list.  I’ve ruminated about […]

A Useful ‘Push’ Tool for Your Marketing Arsenal I love food blogs and a great marketing application I’ve been seeing lately is the use of Tumblr to promote blog content.  The Wannabe Chef has a very useful post about the why and how of Tumblr and I’ve also been using it with positive effect on […]

15 Minutes to Better Branding Digital branding is one of the highest demand strategic consulting items for us this year.  My observation is that this is due to one reason: the economic situation of the past two years caused companies to lose touch with who they are, what they do, and why they matter.  In […]

Putting Location Based Promotions in your Retail Experience. Time, space, and place.  Thanks to GPS technology and the advancement of mobile applications, retailers can now pinpoint the timing of promotions, capture consumers in the right space, and place promotions at their consumers’ finger-tips. NTTDoCoMo, the largest mobile operator in Japan, has been a well-known trailblazer in local […]

Robust advocacy-marketing programs are achieving significant revenue gains – 10 to 20 percent for established products and up to 100 percent for new products. Advocacy marketing is a new(er) term in marketing paved by rise of social media, mobile commerce, and location-based promotions in the past two years. You’re not going to believe this – […]