According to a report published by Monetate, visitors to e-commerce sites through tablet devices skyrocketed by over 346% in 2011. This should not be a surprise for anyone who has had the chance to play with one of these devices.  The lightweight, portable, and speedy design makes it a likely choice for checking emails or scouring […]

Inside Adwords has announced today that Google rolled out a new feature to its Adwords paid search platform called product extensions.  Currently available to U.S. customers only, product extensions will be a way to enhance your existing ads by showing searchers your product images, titles and prices in a plusbox located beneath the ad.  The products […]

As of September 30th, Google now has a new Adwords performance metric called the “View-Through”. The metric is primarily designed for those advertising on Google’s content network, and while the new metric will provide an additional indicator for campaign performance, the terminology currently has a few people confused. Per Google, this “feature provides a measure […]

Recently, I’ve received more and more questions regarding two important key metrics in the search engine marketing world, bounce rate and exit rate. There seems to be some confusion about the difference between the two, what they actually measure, and how they are valuable tools in a digital marketing campaign. I thought I would use […]

As the cliché goes, a house can’t be built without first laying the foundation.  This post is dedicated to “matching options”, a basic pay-per-click concept that can sometimes get confusing to new PPC advertisers.  The main goal for advertisers is to match their ads with the most qualified search queries.  i.e. The searcher most likely […]

If you’re not familiar with the Google Ad Preview Tool than this post is an opportunity for you to add something new to your PPC tool belt.  It seems that more now than ever clients are interested in seeing their ads in action.  They are doing multiple searches daily with the hope of seeing their […]

In an age where a backlash against traditional advertising is fueling the growth of social media as a robust marketing channel, this un-intrusive and user engaging alternative communication medium is experiencing unprecedented growth both in terms of the amount of user generated content splashed onto the web and the tools available for understanding what these […]

QR stands for “quick response” and the QR code is a cube shaped 2-dimensional matrix code that permits users to obtain data at a high speed by simply using the scanner (camera) located on their mobile phone. Originally developed by the Japanese corporation, Denso-Wave in 1994, the codes were initially used for tracking parts in […]