With a passion for digital marketing and scaling start-ups, we decided what better way to share our expertise with fellow entrepreneurs at our first official SD Startup Accelerator meet-up group event on Wednesday, December 12th. This first meet-up event is entitled “Ramping Up Profits for the New Year”and will feature enriching conversation on 2012 takeaways […]

The venue – a space large enough to fit more than 15,000 adoring fans. Guitars, drums, amps and microphones line the stage. Bright lights pulse and move in orchestrated unison. Fade in on center stage. A lone podium stands in a pool of light where rests…the Bible. Not what you were picturing? Those aforementioned elements […]

Every year there seems to be a few buzzwords that are echoed throughout the marketing community. Last year, words like freemium, green, socialsphere, and actionable dominated entrepreneurial and executive conversations. This year, I’ve noticed a trend toward trimming the fat. This year, it’s about being lean. Whether you’re literally cutting weight, bootstrapping your startup, or […]

eBoost Consulting sponsored SDSU’s Venture Challenge 2012 and had the opportunity to witness young entrepreneurs at their finest as they strive to turn their dreams into reality. After checking out the innovative business plans at the exhibit hall, we learned more about an exciting new entrepreneurial program now available at SDSU. The Zahn Center, is […]