After launching in beta earlier this year with PMD’s such as our partner, Facebook is now rolling out split testing for Facebook and Instagram Ads to self-serve users in Ads Manager and Power Editor. Split testing is a powerful feature that allows advertisers to truly see the effect that different variables have on their […]

  If you’ve spent any time running Facebook Ads or learning about them online, you’re probably aware of the advanced targeting options available through Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences allow advertisers to target people based on: Customer Files Email Phone Number First & Last Name Address Birth date Gender Age Facebook User ID Website Traffic All website […]

This month Facebook officially rolled out Creative Hub – a new way to create mock-ups for ads, share them with anyone and experience your work as though it’s live on Facebook or Instagram.  This is huge for agencies and internal marketers alike. Up until now, in order to see how an ad would render on Facebook, you […]

Social advertising – some have heard of it, few know what it is, and even fewer know its true potential. So what can social advertising do for you and why should you take the time to read this article? Think of it like AdWords in its inception – a ‘wild west’ type of opportunity with […]

Everyone here at eBoost Consulting knows this, but I’m guessing most others don’t; I’m an avid mountain biker and recently started racing competitively around southern California. As the Area of Practice Manager for SOAD (Social Advertising) at eBoost, these two worlds are frequently on my mind and while mountain biking and Facebook Ads may not […]