Influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity year after year. 93% of marketers who use influencers agree that they are effective, while 76% say that it helps boost customer loyalty. It’s also considered to be the most cost-effective channel for marketing, more authentic than traditional advertising (when done well), and allows you to gain easier […]

Let’s be honest, Instagram Stories are fun. Less commitment than a ‘real’ Instagram post, less pressure to have the PERFECT shot, and OMG all the options and emojis! While it’s all fun and games for users, it’s a huge opportunity for marketers. According to Statista, as of June 2018 there were 400 MILLION daily active […]

Remember when a Facebook ad used to just be a Facebook ad? Ahh the good ol’ days. Just kidding! Since we started running ads on Facebook in 2010, the platform has expanded greatly and now includes over 10 different placements across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc. It can be tough to keep track of them all […]

  It’s a question we get all the time – how do I scale my Facebook ads once I find what works? We get many clients who find some success on their own using Facebook ads but then have trouble scaling up spend while maintaining good results. Often their campaigns will not spend or the […]

Our last Facebook Advertising post detailed the myriad of different Facebook Ads targeting options available to you when you set up your ads. After selecting your audience target, the next step is to build your ad creative. So what options do you have? Here’s the list: Single Video Ads Video ads are some of the […]

The next mobile shopping transformation is here and you should start preparing for it immediately. Instagram Shopping is slowly making its way into Instagram feeds, featuring mostly fashion and accessories brands for now, but soon expanding to more Instagram merchants and products. Did I mention this feature is free? That’s right, your followers will soon be […]

If you’ve spent much time advertising on Facebook and Instagram, you’ve undoubtedly become frustrated with the Ads Manager tool at one point or another. It’s slow, tedious, and even buggy at times. Facebook’s own Power Editor aims to streamline ad creation, but complex campaigns still take time and the UI is not the most intuitive […]