Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what life was like before smartphones. These days practically everything we can do on a desktop we can also do on a phone. From managing client campaigns to coordinating with teams to coming up with new creative ideas – we use apps to keep us connected wherever we are. Because […]

Did you know that over the past two decades the number of marketers that have become CEOs has consistently declined? The creative and impactful energy that is inherent in marketers would seemingly be excellent attributes for potential CEOs. In order to decrease this trend going forward, we first need to consider why it is that […]

I want to make one thing perfectly clear: I believe that too many good ideas fail to spawn into successful businesses. Take a look at these stats . . . Only 30% of businesses continue to exist beyond year five Only 1 in 58 ideas move on to become products 80% of startups overestimate projected […]

“Hello ladies. Look at your man, now back at me, now back at your man, now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me. But if he stopped using lady-scented body wash and switched to Old Spice he could smell like he’s me.” Does this sound familiar? That’s the power of fantastic branding. When Old Spice […]

As marketers and business owners, we’re all accustomed to hearing “buzzwords” – new words to describe the same old concepts in business and marketing. The term “business drivers” may sound like the next big buzzword to hit interviews and conference rooms this year, but when understood and used properly it can actually be the guiding […]

As we say at eBoost Consulting, know-how is only 20% of the equation. Know-why is 80%. Or is it 90%…? Whatever. We’ll let you argue the numbers. But this much is certainly true: if you aren’t asking why you’re doing things, then you’re severely limiting the impact of how you”re doing things. Let’s take this […]

Assumptions get most marketing plans into trouble. At the start of a marketing plan you don’t have knowledge. You have assumptions. Then what happens? You start off on a plan and realize the minimum budget to make a tactic successful is higher than you thought, the cost per action took longer than expected to decrease, […]

The most critical business skill you do not have.   Executives need buy-in every day. In today’s modern workplace, where terms like collaboration, co-creation, and teamwork are no longer buzzwords but a job requirement, buy-in is essential to the vertical ascension of any manager. For consultants, earning buy-in is just as important. Oftentimes, you are […]

The correlations between sports and business are uncanny…and oftentimes trite. However, I will take a “shot” (hehe – that was a clever reference to basketball) at this anyway. What makes Chris Paul so great? Is it his competitiveness? His unwavering trust in his teammates? His smooth, radiant skin? While it’s safe to say “yes” to […]

Fundamentals are the key to being a complete marketing strategist. Everything we do at eBoost Consulting, everything we’ve achieved can be traced to how we approach business fundamentals and apply them to individual marketing cases for clients and ourselves. The pyramid above displays the basic building blocks that we use to make a complete marketing […]