Let’s talk about a common question I get as a paid search marketer. “Should I be bidding on my competitor’s terms?” Of course, you probably already have some keyword overlap with your competitors, no matter what product or service you are advertising, but this question is usually asked from companies wanting to bid on the […]

If you’re advertising in Search, either through Google Ads or Bing Ads, you’ve likely wondered about the value of bidding on your brand terms. It’s a question we get from clients all the time! It’s commonplace for us to hear, “Why would I spend money on paid ads for brand searches, if I already rank […]

It’s almost that time of year! You know the one – Cyber Week – which runs from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday, and accounts for nearly 32% of all holiday revenue. It’s the time of year that purchasers dive heavily into holiday shopping, and most advertisers and retailers get gray hair. Seriously, in the industry, […]

Hey there folks! Do you have a mobile or tablet app that you are looking to promote to drive installs or actions? If so, you may have dabbled around with different ways to promote it – maybe even on Google Ads or Admob. But, whether you have been using Google Ads or not, there were […]

Are you a remarketing maven? Do you love finding new and interesting ways to reach out to your customers via PPC? If so, this article is for you, as we’ll be taking you through some of the unique remarketing opportunities available in the new AdWords interface with the Customer Match feature. Now, more than ever, […]

If you have a business that can take inbound sales calls, you’ll want to make sure your phone number is displayed on your Google paid search ads. Since this can be a huge win for companies, especially those with complicated sales processes or a great sales team who knows how to close the deal, we’ll […]

Are you an online retailer with a sale or incentive? If so, we’re going to show you an easy optimization technique that can help boost your CTR and improve your quality scores by displaying your offer as an extension to existing AdWords ads. Enter: Promotion Extensions. What are Promotion Extensions? Promotion extensions are a revamped […]

If you haven’t switched to the new AdWords interface yet, now is the time! Earlier this week, our friends at Google sent another email to AdWords advertisers reminding everyone that the old interface won’t be around for long and is scheduled to be sunset by the end of this year. So, you may wonder: Why […]

Have you made the switch to the new AdWords UX/UI yet? If not, you may be missing out on some really cool and very helpful new tools that Google has rolled out this year. Our favorites are the types of features that allow us to further optimize our clients’ PPC campaigns, by giving us strategic […]

If you are already familiar with the basic concepts of traditional display remarketing (or retargeting) through Google AdWords, it’s time to get a better understanding of the more advanced techniques available on the platform. It seems like every few months new features become available that allow for better targeting, better messaging and of course, better […]