Though there has been some chatter, we are now starting to receive official communications from Google that they will be depreciating the Average Position column in Google Ads. We’ve been notified that this change will take place in most of our accounts on September 29, 2019 – and we have heard that Google will attempt […]

If you’re a PPC marketer, you’re likely familiar with the budgeting options in Google Ads that ensure your campaigns don’t overspend your allotted amount. If not, just know that all campaigns have daily budgets (except a new beta we’ll talk about below). You can also group campaigns together and give them what’s called a “Shared […]

Since the rise of Smart Bidding in Google Ads, many advertisers have learned just how effective automated bidding algorithms can be. However, any experienced search marketer will remind you that even the smartest algorithms still need a watchful human eye. It’s still important to have manual inputs and make adjustments based on data that might […]

The History: Expanded Text Ads have been available in Google Ads since 2016, and were a fairly simple format to use that could increase CTR’s by up to 20%, according to Wordstream. Capitalizing on the success, Google released an update in 2019 that expanded the Expanded Text Ads even more! Problem: Even seasoned search marketers […]

If you’ve been in the search game a while now, you likely remember when Google rolled out (and ultimately sunset’d) image extensions. These were ad extensions that appeared as a carousel of images around your text ad when triggered in search. Compared to other ad extensions, they only showed very rarely and had trouble really […]

In our last blog post on Google Ads, we made the case for Smart Bidding using Google’s machine learning. In that installment, you learned how Smart Bidding works along with some of the many signals Google Ads considers for their machine learning to improve campaign performance. Though the technology can analyze more than 70 million […]

Ever sit and wonder about today’s tech advancements, and how they were once dubbed as just “make-believe” in our favorite movies? It’s amazing how times have changed, and with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), so many things have become SO much easier. If I need the temperature changed on my air conditioner and my […]

There are a variety of ad extensions available in Google Ads and new extensions are being tested all the time. However, one ad extension that we rarely see used since it rolled out of beta in late 2016 is the Message Extension. This extension allows users to send text messages directly to businesses from an […]

Whether you are a seasoned PPC marketer or a business trusting your Google Ads to an agency, you should always be looking for ways to improve your PPC campaigns. Even when everything feels perfect, you have to wonder: are there any loose ends? Throughout my career, I have audited 100s of PPC accounts, and I […]

In our last blog post, we told you about an exciting new update for Google’s Call-Only ads that allows for longer ad copy. Jumping off last week’s post, it’s a great time to level-set and ensure that you are following all the best practices (and secret insider tips) for using Call-Only Ads. If you’re not […]