When starting a new Search Engine Optimization project, any half-way decent SEO would focus on keyword research, link building strategies, Title Tags, Copy, XML Sitemaps and all the other basics that have to get done. It’s all important stuff and it’s all effective in generating more traffic from search engines. But an often overlooked facet […]

The situation strikes fear in the hearts of website owners everywhere. You have a successful web property that has been around for years. You get lots of quality traffic from the major search engines and you make good money from that traffic. There’s no reason to mess with a good thing, right? Well, for whatever […]

When it comes to predicting results, Search Engine Optimization campaigns are notoriously hard to pin down. You know you want to rank #1 for your favorite keyword. But how much real revenue can you expect from that ranking? And how much time and money is it worth putting in? With some quick calculations on the […]

Search engines do many things well. They provide unprecedented amounts of information to people all over the world. Kids in Australia, England, and the United States can play real time online games together after a quick search for “online flash games.” But search engines do have their limitations. One limitation search engines have struggled with […]

While most in the SEO industry are hashing it out over all the doom and gloom related to the latest penguin attack and panda sighting, I thought I’d offer an alternate view on the state of search engine optimization… it just got a whole lot easier! Why is that you may ask? Well, Google has […]

‘Tis the season to be…digital marketing experts! The holiday spirit has officially taken over the eBoost headquarters. Over the next 12 days, we will be sharing with you tips and tools to better your digital marketing strategy for the new year. We will be covering topics that will not only make you better marketers, but […]

Right around the time that Google rolled out their new Google+ social network, all the buzz was around this new site and how it stacked up against Facebook, etc, etc. What most people didn’t notice is that at the same time, Google made a massive change to their Google Places pages. The local results saw […]

Recently SEOmoz.org released their 2011 Search Engine Ranking Factors report. The report takes into account the opinions of 132 SEO experts along with a correlation analysis of more than 10,000 keyword search results in Google. There is a wealth of information in the report and it is a must-read for anyone interested in SEO. The […]

Coming up with unique and interesting ways to build links is an ongoing challenge for most SEO’s.  We sometimes take on clients that are in industries that are not very interesting, but none the less, they still need links.  So the challenge arises, how do we get people to link to this site when it’s […]

Inside Adwords has announced today that Google rolled out a new feature to its Adwords paid search platform called product extensions.  Currently available to U.S. customers only, product extensions will be a way to enhance your existing ads by showing searchers your product images, titles and prices in a plusbox located beneath the ad.  The products […]