When spending money on advertising for your company, every penny counts. But the good news it that stretching your advertising dollars boils down to one key concept: knowing as much as possible about your target audience. Many advertising networks have made every attempt to narrow down target demographics as much as possible but none have […]

Finally! You’ve launched your dynamic retargeting campaign after completing Part 3 of our Dynamic Product Ads Guide and your shiny new campaign is live 🙂 Now you just have to sit back and watch the sales come in right? Wrong! If you’ve read our blogs before you know that the fun is just about to […]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard about the newest Facebook algorithm change. This new change, like changes in the past (including algorithm changes to help deter engagement baiting, fake news, and to increase the number of posts in feed from one’s friends and family) is aimed at one thing: to help […]

  The Facebook news feed is a battleground for your attention. Brands are always looking for ways to stand out among the cat memes, baby pictures and political rants in an effort to capture new customers. Targeting your audience correctly is essential but once you’ve done that, it’s just as important to capture their attention […]

One of the most common misconceptions we hear is: “Facebook Ads don’t work for B2B.” Like most blanket generalizations this one is simply not true. In fact, 84% of CEOs and VPs say they use social media to help make purchasing decisions (Webbiquity). Facebook Ads most certainly can and do work for many B2B companies. […]

If you made it through our last post in this series – Facebook Dynamic Product Ads Part 2: Pixel & Product Feed Setup – then give yourself a pat on the back. That was a long one! We detailed the important groundwork that needs to be in place in order to run Facebook’s powerful Dynamic […]

In Part 1 of the Facebook Dynamic Product Ads Ultimate Guide we covered the basics of dynamic ads – what they are and why you should be running them. In part 2 we’ll show you exactly how to set them up like a pro. So roll up your sleeves and follow along, we’ve got work […]

Facebook Dynamic Ads – if you’re not running them, you’re leaving money on the table! Facebook Dynamic Ads represents one of the most powerful new opportunities for eCommerce sites to drive revenue through online advertising. They deliver incredible results by dynamically serving unique, personalized ads based on the products people have viewed or purchased on your […]

If you’ve spent much time advertising on Facebook and Instagram, you’ve undoubtedly become frustrated with the Ads Manager tool at one point or another. It’s slow, tedious, and even buggy at times. Facebook’s own Power Editor aims to streamline ad creation, but complex campaigns still take time and the UI is not the most intuitive […]

Facebook Advertising is becoming more and more complex as a constant stream of new ad features comes down the pipe. Whether it’s A/B Split Testing, Dynamic Ads, or LTV Custom Audiences, the amount of knowledge needed to run a successful Facebook Ads campaign (and stay ahead of your competition) seems to grow by the day. Now […]