Our last Facebook Advertising post detailed the myriad of different Facebook Ads targeting options available to you when you set up your ads. After selecting your audience target, the next step is to build your ad creative. So what options do you have? Here’s the list: Single Video Ads Video ads are some of the […]

With Facebook Ads targeting in the forefront of the news lately and some of the targeting options disappearing, we decided to put together a post listing all the different targeting options that you still have available. Literally everything. This probably isn’t the best post to curl up with a hot cup of tea in a […]

On March 18, 2018 it became worldwide news that Facebook had failed to adequately protect user data and companies were exploiting ‘loopholes’ in Facebook’s terms around what developers could do with user data. We won’t go into the nitty gritty of what happened or why… Instead we’ll focus on what changes Facebook is making to […]

This is Part 2 in our series: Facebook Ads Bidding Demystified. Check out Part 1 here. In this post we’ll be covering budget and bid types. While they may sound self-explanatory and straight forward, your budget and bid selections can have huge impacts on ad performance. Not getting delivery? You may need to increase your […]

One of the most mysterious yet powerful aspects of Facebook Advertising is the bidding system. Choosing the right bid type can literally make or break your campaigns. We’ve seen it be the difference between an ad not delivering at all vs driving sales day after day. With hundreds of possible bid combinations, it can be […]

One of the aspects we love about online marketing and Facebook Ads in particular is the ability to track results precisely. It makes our job so much easier when we can show customers that we spent $1,000 on ads and we drove $5,000 in revenue. When websites are set up correctly with the Facebook Pixel, […]

If you’ve tried Facebook Ads you know it has a language all its own. It can be daunting to work through all the various terms and abbreviations used to describe ad types, placements, audience types and more. Making matters worse people often use different words or abbreviations to say the same (or similar) things. But […]

So you have a Shopify site and you want to run Facebook Dynamic Ads? Good plan! They tend to work very well 🙂 In order to set these up there are two things you need to have in place: Your Facebook Pixel set up in Shopify with the required standard events A product feed to submit […]

So you’ve got your Shopify site set up and you’re ready to start advertising on Facebook? Great! Adding the Facebook pixel to your Shopify site is one of the most important first steps to make before advertising on Facebook. The pixel is a snippet of code that tracks visitors on your site and the actions […]

Ever since the early days of Facebook advertising, we’ve been pushing the importance of creative testing. ALWAYS be testing. Without testing, how do you know which image will resonate best with your audience? Do you go with short or long copy? Emojis or no emojis? We typically recommend testing at least 4-5 images and a […]