One of my favorite movies of all time is “Rock Star”. Internal strife between bandmates culminate with the head singer, Bobby Byers leaving the band – including the stunningly mortifying revelation that Bobby wore a wig for his whole Steel Dragon days (no truth to the story that Jon Bon Jovi was calling his publicist […]

At first glance the title of this article probably sent up about 100 red flags about potential black hat SEO tactics and Email Spam (or so we hope!). Rest assured, black hat tactics and spam are never the eBoost way. The free links we’re referring to utilize the emails you already send to customers, clients, […]

The World Wide Web is the most viral epidemic. Tools and technologies are growing faster than Pinocchio’s nose. Marketers are on the hunt for increased conversions while users desire enhanced engagement. So how do we plant two trees with one seed? By serving up some of the 7 sizzling digital marketing trends of 2012! Can […]

Millions were left powerless after yesterday afternoon’s unexpected blackouts, which plagued much of the south-west United States. With the catastrophe occurring so close to 9/11, many speculate that international terrorism is brewing and that the United States should again increase the national security level. However, with so many postulating global terrorism- the root of the […]

A Behavioral Economist Teaches Us About Trust & Revenge Dan Ariely throwing up economic gang signs. Dan Ariely is a behavioral economist and professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University.  If I had a Fave5 on my phone of my go-to-thought leaders, Dan Ariely would certainly be on that list.  I’ve ruminated about […]

A Useful ‘Push’ Tool for Your Marketing Arsenal I love food blogs and a great marketing application I’ve been seeing lately is the use of Tumblr to promote blog content.  The Wannabe Chef has a very useful post about the why and how of Tumblr and I’ve also been using it with positive effect on […]

Thanks to a new software called WorkplaceViewer from Google, I can see that 70% of your employees are on Facebook and Twitter right now. Ok, I’m kidding (…or am I?) but it is safe to assume that your employees use at least one of these social media tools professionally or personally during work…and that could […]

In an age where a backlash against traditional advertising is fueling the growth of social media as a robust marketing channel, this un-intrusive and user engaging alternative communication medium is experiencing unprecedented growth both in terms of the amount of user generated content splashed onto the web and the tools available for understanding what these […]

Does Twitter, the social network of microbloggers – up to 140 characters – offer any benefits to B2B firms? Yes. To prove it, we set out to quantify it by using our Twitter account,, during a four-week trial. We tweeted updates and tracked the results to answer to questions: 1. What types of tweets […]

What IS SevenOneTwoFive? Come and find out! Hang out with the eBoost Consulting crew at Wine Steals in Hillcrest and celebrate the release of its alter-ego SevenOneTwoFive’s July issue! Venue: Wine Steals, Hillcrest (click here for map) Date/Time: Wednesday, 7/15/2009 @ 7pm. In the meantime, in between time: Browse the magazine issue here. Follow SevenOneTwoFive […]