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Mere percentage points make everything else you do more effective

“Strategy before tactics” is something you will hear repeated often at eBoost Consulting. This is particularly true of any new design project whether that be a redesign or a brand new website. A new high-converting website comes together through a process we’ve refined throughout the years.

Web designers and marketers have two very distinct objectives when it comes to Website Design and Development. Designers are concerned with the creative elements of a website – the look and feel. Marketers focus on encouraging the customer to engage with the website in a certain way, whether that be by purchasing a product, filling out a form, making a phone call, or simply having a good feeling about the brand. Design and Marketing are two crucial pieces of a website’s success but too often one is prioritized to the detriment of the other.

Conversion Design is a system of web design that ensures a website caters to the user’s needs – not the website owner’s or designer’s tastes – while also being visually appealing and conveying the look and feel necessary to properly represent the company’s brand.

Why is conversion rate important?

If you take two websites in the same industry and compare conversion rate you can quickly see why raising a website’s conversion rates mere fractions of a percent boosts revenues significantly and gives a clear competitive advantage.

Website A
   Visits: 100,000
   Order Value: $75
   Conversion Rate: 1.0%
   Per Visit Value: $0.75
   Revenue: $75,000

Website B
   Visits: 100,000
   Order Value: $75
   Conversion Rate: 1.9%
   Per Visit Value: $1.43
   Revenue: $142,500

Website B has a clear strategic advantage in that it can afford to pay nearly twice as much as Webiste A to get a new visitor. Mere fractions of a percentage point on paper translate into $67,500 in real money. Raising a website’s conversion rate makes everything else you do in marketing more effective.

Step 1: User Scenarios

Our process starts by synthesizing client data and segmenting it into user scenarios. The factors needed to persuade each customer segment can vary – sometimes wildly. User scenarios give us the necessary information to prioritize high value segments’ needs, which we then outline as key objectives for each segment. We identify the elements they will interact with onsite and create a user flow scenario outlining the pages they will most likely visit on their way to purchasing an item, filling out a form, or picking up the phone.

Step 2: Information Architecture (Sitemap)

Once the key pages are determined from the User Scenarios, we then create a Sitemap and main Navigation structure that puts the most important elements up front and gives each high-value visitor segment the information they need exactly when and where they’re looking for it.

Step 3: Wireframes

In addition to relying on user scenarios, we use best practices and lean on industry studies regarding color psychology, eye-tracking, link placement, information architecture, and sizing. We present this information to a web designer in the form of a Wireframe. Wireframes are black-and-white representations or blueprints of web pages. These blueprints guide the designer in prioritizing key elements of a page while also allowing for plenty of creativity in the design process.

Step 4: Design & Development

Once the account is set up that's where the real work begins. We have laid the groundwork for a successful campaign and now we get to work testing ads, targeting options, devices, placements and much more to produce a continually improving, highly successful campaign.

Step 5: Test & Repeat

We don't just stop once the revised pages go live - that's when the real fun begins. Using powerful A/B and multivariate testing software, we can analyze visitor actions across your site to determine what's working well and identify opportunities for further improvement. Through this cycle of testing and optimization, we've seen tremendous improvements in conversion rates on our clients' sites.


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