Data Can Make Or Break Your Business

December 9, 2022
December 9, 2022 Dana Driskill

Data Can Make Or Break Your Business

At Eboost Consulting, we believe good data can empower companies to make smart decisions and grow their business. With an ever-evolving landscape of data sources, it’s important to trust the numbers and leverage your own first party data. We’re passionate about making the data easy to understand, accessible, and actionable.

Whether it’s building custom reports and dashboards, improving your tracking capabilities, or crunching the numbers so you don’t have to, we want to work together to accomplish your goals. Learn more below about our different services, including Business Intelligence (BI), Tag Management Services, and Analytics Consulting, and how they can enhance your business. 

Automated Reports Save You Time

Say goodbye to manual reporting processes that take hours to compile and distribute. Our team can create custom dashboards that are easy to reference and automated based on your needs, so you can spend less time reporting and more time running your business.

Be Confident with Your Data

Tired of seeing reporting discrepancies between ad platforms, GA4, and your own sales reports? Unable to make smart optimizations on your campaigns due to lack of data? As part of our tag management services, we’ll work with you to track every sale so you can be confident in making the right decisions with your ads and improve overall performance.

Google Tag Management

A proper Google Tag Management set up ensures you’re tracking every sale and making the most of your first party data.

Gain Actionable Insights 

You have the data, but you don’t have the time or resources to make the most of it. As part of our analytics consulting service, our team can analyze the numbers, pull out key insights, and provide strategic recommendations to increase sales, reduce inefficiencies, or work towards your other goals.

We analyzed a client’s paid search set up and found an optimization strategy to better utilize /collections pages.

We believe each company has their own unique set of strengths and challenges, and that there’s no one size fits all solution to making the most out of your internal data.

See how our services help clients save on average 100 hours per year. Schedule a free consultation with our team today to get a customized data strategy.