Developing a Sound Marketing Approach

In our most recent eBoost Consulting webinar, I identified the false positives of case studies. Since then, I’ve had a few questions about this viewpoint and I wanted to address it here. Essentially, it centers on our belief that the best question to ask a marketing partner is: what is your marketing approach?

You can’t take the bits and pieces from different marketing case studies, throw them together and expect it to work for you (I like to call this “Frankenmarketsteining”). The best marketing plans are realistic – stretch, in some instances – suited to the company, flexible, and based on sound marketing fundamentals. Learning to develop your own marketing approach is doable and necessary and is your insurance against irrelevance.

Here are three steps to cultivate your marketing approach.  This will help you acquire a great background in business, marketing, and proper planning techniques and will open the doors to creating a marketing approach that can be realistic, company-focused, and flexible:

  1. Develop a great background in business fundamentals. Read “What the CEO Wants You to Know” as a good start here.
  2. Develop a great background in marketing fundamentals. Read “Kotler on Marketing: How to Create, Win, and Dominate Markets” as a good start here.
  3. Develop a great background in planning fundamentals. Project management, PMI, et al.  Read “Project Management” as a start here.

These steps are sequential and are the foundation of eBoost Consulting’s approach.


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