Eboost Ad Spy

A Chrome extension for viewing any brand’s Facebook Ads.
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Powerful Insights In An Instant

See a brand’s Facebook ads with just 1-click, directly from their website or Facebook page.

Competitive Intelligence

See what ads your competitors are running on Facebook including copy/image variations, flight dates, spend, political ad status and more.

Creative Inspiration

Quickly view hundreds of ads from the biggest brands and top marketers. The ideas will start flowing around how to apply their strategies to your own brand.

Save Time

For those of us in digital marketing that are constantly looking at Facebook Ads, saving a few clicks and keystrokes each time can really add up. Eboost Ad Spy removes the need to open up FB Ads Library and type in the page name each time. Do it all with just a single click.

Page Insights At A Glance

Get a quick snapshot of a brand’s social presence including FB Page Likes, IG Followers, when the page was created, whether they run political ads and much more.

Get Granular

Filter by country, date range, platform and sort by impressions to find the ads most relevant to your research.

Get It Free

Eboost Ad Spy is free on the Chrome Store. Use it to easily view the Facebook Ads for any brand. Great for competitive intelligence, research or tracking your own ads.