eBoost Interns ROCK!

A Video-Retrospective of the eBoost Interns Social Recruiting.

Our latest internship class (Alpha Lambda Omega) is graduating soon and published their class video.  It’s fascinating to see what our intern classes come up with – there are no guidelines presented to them.  It’s such an organic and beautiful process.  I find myself enchanted by their work and appreciate how blessed we are to have this family at eBoost.  They’ve created (and continue to create) many wonderful memories in the famed “Orange Room” and I love how they weave that room and the mural into each video.  I could go on and on (I will be talking about social recruiting during our webinar tomorrow) but I’ll let the videos do the talking.  Whenever I feel down, I always watch these videos.  They never fail to cheer me up and remind me that developing leaders and having fun while doing so, is what eBoost Consulting is all about.  Enjoy! =)


The Real eBoost Interns | Music Video – Brett Keeler, Kolby Goodman, Jon Tucker, and Stephanie Sandoval  (Alpha Beta Omega)


The Office Spoof – Justin Goodman, Chris King, and Neil Dutta (Alpha Chi Omega)


A Day in the Life of an eBoost Intern – Dylan Drake, Allison Heinrich, Marc Peterson, Beau Vasquez, and Jason Kirby (Alpha Delta Omega)


eBoost – Boost Camp – Edwardson Lim, Kurt Kaufer, Penny Zhao, Nicole Stokman, and Marcel Menezes (Alpha Epsilon Omega)


Alpha Gamma Omega Internship Video – David Wayman, Heather Pimentel, David Twining, and Camila Simpson (Alpha Gamma Omega)


eBoost Consulting Internship Commercial – Ruthie Sanchez, Trung Ngo, Ashmina Aullybux (Alpha Zeta Omega)


eBoost Consulting Internship Program – Chris Root, Vicente Tuillano, Erin Carpenter, and Mike Fogarty (Alpha Eta Omega)


eBoost Internship Recruitment Video Intern-mercial (ShamWow Parody) – Braydon Moreno, Melvin Fojas, and Ozlem Gorur (Alpha Theta Omega)


eBoost Intern Update – Eren Yar, Pooja Wadhwa, Jason Chiem (Alpha Iota Omega)


A Journey with AjA Project – Carl Abuan, Melanie Taylor, Tripti Aggarwal, Vikas Arya, and Ashley Deas  (Alpha Kappa Omega)


ALO Boom Boom Pow (REMIX) – David Bucklin, Margaret Gamble, Matthew Reilly, and Austin Randall (Alpha Lambda Omega)

UPDATED (12/28/11)

AMO Claymation – Armand Aghadjanians, Janey Junker, Lizeth Villarreal, and Christine Copeland (Alpha Mu Omega)

ANO Google Ideas Mini-Documentary – Sean Dominguez, Ian Donahue, Cameron Ripley, and Ann Hang (Alpha Nu Omega)

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