How eBoost Operates Without Excuses

What if we could say there is nothing we can’t accomplish? What if we were all forced to let go of the wheel, remove the brakes and just go … just do.

What if we lived in a world with no excuses? This is the mantra and driving principle at eBoost Consulting. This attitude allows us to consistently achieve results for our clients, and create the team-building environment in which we were awarded one of the “2012 Best Places to Work in San Diego”. This accolade is particularly meaningful to eBoost Consulting because we care about our team just as much as our clients. With a big group of young, dynamic and ambitious entrepreneurs striving to evolve digital marketing and the paradigm in which it currently resides, this is a monumental time for our company. To put it simply, the more we enjoy our jobs, the more we contribute to those who matter most to us and inspire us in life.

With the momentum reaching fever pitch after being honored as one of the “2012 Best Places to Work in San Diego”, we knew it was time to step up our game as a team even further. Shortly thereafter, eBoost was nominated as one of the “Healthiest Companies in San Diego,” and we had our answer for how to take our corporate lives to the next level. As far as we’re concerned, a healthier office would mean a happier and more productive office. There was no choice but to remove the excuses and transform ourselves into “The Healthiest Company in San Diego”.

In order to take our body and minds to the next level, eBoost enrolled diet and nutrition extraordinaire, Drew Canole, and fitness training guru, Mae Desmond, to take our health to a whole new level. Drew and Mae are the next generation of health entrepreneurs whose company, Fitlife.TV, is taking health and education out of the gym, and bringing it into the workplace.

According to Drew, the vision was created from the idea that most people blame work and a lack of time as the number one reason for failed diets. In response, Drew and Mae decided to bring health to work in the form of juicing. Drew says that people are not starved calorically; but instead, they are starved of vital nutrients. Juicing (using a juicer to mix nutrition-dense fruits and vegetables) is a high impact way to increase your nutrition, energy and overall mental clarity, which allows you to operate at your peak potential.


Juice Me in the Workplace is not your typical work-related health program. Drew and Mae have juiced up their approach to health and education by building in social media, gamification, and accountability into the process. The best part of the gamification aspect is that as a company, we hold each other accountable for completing the challenge and create a support system as well.

“It’s amazing what a little knowledge, bit of competition and some social influence can do for will power,” said Chris Root, Consultant at eBoost. eBoost has even enrolled our some of its clients in the challenge to spread the health.

The 30-day challenge begins with a week of educational training and light juicing (one juice per day as a meal replacement). During week two, the intensity increases as two meals are replaced with juicing. The following weeks are focused on fitness training, nutrition plans, and of course … more juice. One of our Fitlife.TV go-to juicing recipes includes kale, cucumber, beet, apple, jalapeño, cabbage, celery, ginger and turmeric for those of you who are interested in taking your health to a new level with us.

I encourage you all to think about what makes you happy and fulfilled throughout the work day. Consider that a healthier company may produce even better results than you could’ve previously imagined possible. Being recognized as a “2012 Best Places to Work in San Diego” contender made us reexamine what it would take to strive to go above and beyond what we provide for our team members. Improved health, well-being and confidence are all a part of our new commitment to the eBoost team. So, if you’re looking to kick up your company’s wellbeing, I challenge you to take on “The Healthiest Company in San Diego”.

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